Private Health Insurance CEOs and Their Disproportionate Salary

In the United States, there are over fifty million people without health insurance coverage, and the number has grown substantially in recent years. Yet despite this alarming trend, the massive private insurance industry is booming. Without a competitive publicly financed option, many people are entirely dependent on their employers for health insurance. This means that […]

Medical Assisting School – Things You Need To Know Before You Enroll

Paul Gray once said, “The most important outcome of education is to help students become independent of formal education”. With that said it is important to choose a good school that offers quality education and training so that students can stand on their own even if they are outside the walls of their schools. Today, […]

Four Things You Ought To Know About Medical Assistant Training

According to WEB Du Bois, “Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develops men”. It only follows that a school or a program must be comprehensive enough to train the students so that when the students are already in the real world, performing their […]