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Our bodies alter as we age. We need clothing that fits us better than it did before. The same is true of your mouth. Although they don’t develop, teeth do a number of things to your mouth once they erupt. Your teeth may appear out of alignment as a result of this. For those who desire more control over the appearance of their smile, clear aligners are fantastic. What if, however, you discovered that you are just not a good candidate for clear aligners?

You’re being questioned on your smile! The dentists at dental labs nyc offered by Cayster understand, and we’re prepared to respond. If you want to replace your aligners, there are a tonne of alternatives available for you to pick from. You can use this blog to gather information to determine the best course of action for you. All the information in this article is especially suggested by the experts of dental labs nyc at Cayster!

Are clear aligners the only option?

No. Because if your teeth are severely out of alignment, clear aligners won’t help you. Additionally, research by the experts at dental labs nyc has indicated that they may result in a relapse of your illness. They require more patience and cooperation because they can be quickly removed at your command. Clear aligners frequently fail for the following reasons: 

    • poor oral cleanliness
    • poor patient compliance
    • teeth grinding
  • clenching behaviors
  • interrupted treatments.

Your teeth can be straightened using additional methods as well. To correct your teeth, you can also receive braces or a full set of veneers. The final decision is made after a thorough consultation with your dentist at dental labs nyc regarding what will work best for you. 


Types of braces available in the market

Braces are available in a wide variety of styles and varieties today. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of brace. Wearing certain braces is more comfortable than wearing others. Particular dental issues can be corrected more successfully with certain braces than others. And some braces cost less money than others.

What kind of dental issue you’re attempting to fix should be your first priority while selecting braces. You might be able to get away with wearing less expensive and uncomfortable braces if you’re seeking to fix a relatively minor dental issue. You will likely need to wear more expensive and comfortable braces if you are trying to treat a more serious dental issue. Here is a quick summary:


Short explanations of the different types of braces

  • The most common and traditional type of braces is metal ones. Since they are constructed of titanium or stainless steel, they are also the type of braces that are the most noticeable. They are attached to the top of your teeth by metal brackets. Rubber bands attached to the brackets gradually tighten as the teeth move into position over time. There are many different colors of rubber bands available nowadays.
  • Braces comprised of clear or white ceramic brackets that closely resemble the shade of your teeth and metal wires are known as ceramic braces. They are more aesthetically pleasing and less noticeable. However, you should be aware that these braces may stain based on your eating and brushing habits.
  • Lingual braces: These are braces that attach to the back of your teeth using rubber bands, rubber wires, and metal brackets. Until you speak out loud, nobody else will know about them. So they can also be referred to as “hidden braces.”
  • Braces that self-ligate Self-ligating braces have a design that consists of ceramic or transparent brackets and metal wires. They are different from metal or ceramic braces in that the wire is not held in place by elastic rubber ties. The lack of rubber bands provides the following benefits:
    • Braces are less obvious when worn with fewer colors and accessories.
    • Food is less likely to become stuck in the brackets, making brushing and flossing easier.
    • More comfortable brackets are smaller ones.
    • Shorter office visits that don’t require rubber band replacement.
    • Similar price to metal braces.

Despite its benefits, self-ligating braces may not be able to exert as much pressure as conventional metal braces in cases of extreme tooth decay.


Clear aligners vs. Braces

Let’s contrast the two amazing possibilities so that you can choose which one you prefer for teeth straightening.

  • Visibility: The “near to invisible” way to straighten your teeth is with clear aligners. Braces are easily identifiable by the public thanks to their metal wires and brackets. However, more contemporary, less noticeable braces are an excellent alternative to conventional braces.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Aligners are constructed of silicon, which does not aggravate your gums to the same extent as metal brackets and wires, which can.
  • Dietary restrictions: While wearing braces, you can eat the majority of foods without any issues. To prevent stains, clear aligners must be taken out of the mouth.
  • Removability: Unlike braces, which need your dentist’s at dental labs nyc instruments for placement and removal, clear aligners are simple to wear and take out anyplace.
  • Maintenance: Because braces don’t take up much space on your teeth, brushing and flossing are rather simple. Your teeth are fully covered by clear aligners, which facilitates bacterial development. As a result, they necessitate good brushing and flossing practices.
  • Cost: Metal braces cost less than transparent aligners in terms of price.
  • Treatment duration and aftercare: Braces exert more force than transparent aligners, which shortens the treatment duration. Both aligners and braces require routine follow-up appointments.
  • Damage to the teeth: As long as they fit properly, clear aligners are the least abrasive to the gums. Little to no harm is done to the teeth while cleaning and flossing properly. Contrarily, braces have metal wires that hurt your gums. Additionally, the strong force that braces apply can harm the bone that surrounds your teeth.

Which is better?

When it comes to braces vs. clear aligners, there is no obvious winner. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and your particular needs, preferences, and thorough consultation with your dentist at dental labs nyc will ultimately determine which is ideal for you.


To sum up 

Contrary to skin care products, getting your teeth straightened does not involve trial and error. Determining what is best for you without jeopardizing the health of your teeth requires a professional and thorough evaluation by your dentist at dental labs nyc. Your dentist’s abilities will work miracles on your teeth, whether they are straightened with braces or clear aligners. 

Visits to the dentists at dental labs nyc on a regular basis can assist in avoiding a dental emergency. When a dental emergency happens, most dental labs nyc offered by cayster find time in their daily schedules to see such patients. It is critical to contact the dentist and provide specific details regarding the condition. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Cayster’s office if you have any questions. Your search for “denture labs near me” is now over. We would be delighted to assist you in your quest to improve your oral health and overall well-being. Our mission is to help patients retain healthy smiles for life. 

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