What Kind of Rehab Option You Would Like to Have

The situation of chemical dependence involves social, political and psychological issues that form an extremely complex context, as psychoactive substances cause irreversible brain changes, physical, family and professional problems, requiring comprehensive treatment and therapeutic action through a multidisciplinary team. You need to choose the best drug rehab for couples now.

The Current Option

Currently, the most used therapeutic models for the treatment of dependent individuals have an educational and integrated approach, focusing on specific motivational stimulation therapy and relapse prevention interventions. The couples rehab is a good idea there.

The importance of the family in the social reintegration of the individual is highlighted by the relevance to the emotional and social security of the dependent during this phase. The family is also important in the psychosocial rehabilitation that is obtained through support, trust and dialogue with the dependents themselves. In case of hospitalization, the return to the family was the first step towards social reintegration, which is easier or more difficult depending on the interest and concern of those involved. An essential strategy for the social reintegration of the dependent is the continuous interaction of his family. There are ample options for couples rehabs now.

Chemical dependence involves biological, psychological and social aspects of the individual. For an effective recovery, all these factors must be well worked out. The restoration of social relations, for example, is fundamental for the construction of a new history and the continuity of the transformations that occurred in the recovery process.

Detoxification is only part of the treatment – just as important is social reintegration. In this sense, isolation is not the best way to reintegrate the abstinent dependent. On the contrary, the ideal is for him to find support in relationships and socializing with others. It is essential that he knows that he can count on those around him.

It is not easy to live with a drug addict, and only those who have faced this situation know that many hurts can remain. However, the recovering person needs more than ever welcome, understanding, attention and respect. If the individual feels supported and valued in his social relationships, he gains much more strength and motivation to rebuild his life.

The family is one of the main pillars for the recovery of drug addicts, being responsible for the treatment and social reintegration of their loved ones. This means that, in addition to emotional support, presence and willingness to help, family members also need to be monitored during this process, the family also needs support to understand the dynamics that have been built and how family relationships can contribute to the family. There is improvement or worsening of chemical dependence. The Couples rehab is the best choice here.


Undoubtedly, the return to family life represents an important step in the process of social reintegration of the treatment of chemical dependence and should, as far as possible, occur in the most natural and peaceful way possible.

Post Author: Agatha Correia Pinto