Greater Opportunities For the Scalp Sores Now

Goodbye dandruff and itching. The problems of the scalp are eliminated, whether it is due to excess fat, dryness or skin disease. With current products, it’s easy. The scalp is the same type of skin with nerves, sweat and sebaceous glands as the rest of the body. Still, the scalp is often left with less care. The result may be a poorly scalp. There is an endless chemical warfare on the skin where microbes fight for living space.

The skin feels well when it has the correct acidity, that is, the pH and the ratio of 200 different microbes on the skin, mainly bacteria and yeast. Harmony is maintained when the skin is properly treated.

Easy to handle

  • With current products, it is easy to care for a healthy scalp.
  • You should wash your hair when it becomes greasy or sweaty. Usually either twice a week or exercising daily. You can find good products in the store and try them out to find the best one, the expert advises.
  • There is no need to rub the scalp while washing the hair, the shampooing and rinsing are sufficient. The temperature of the wash water does not matter.

The shampoo is chosen according to what is printed on the side of the bottle. Modern shampoos are researched and contain less detergent and more conditioning than before. Their quality is understood if they sometimes mistake their hair for regular soap, the expert says.

Hair care products rarely become allergic and, for example, silicone-containing substances are in no way harmful. However, it is advisable to avoid dyeing your hair if the scalp is irritated, itchy or broken. Once the scalp is in good condition, you can start coloring your hair again. Intact scalp is not a problem with hair coloring. For the sores on scalp you need to be specific now.

Feel the stress

Especially in winter, the balance of well-being in the scalp can be upset. A hatching hat and a few washes cause yeasts, especially Malassezia, to multiply. The result is an inflammatory reaction, flaking and various skin conditions. 

Stress from hurrying or brushing your teeth at night can cause muscle tension: it feels like your scalp is tight. It’s about involuntary nervous function. Massage and relaxation trigger a sense of tension.

But contrary to belief, massage does not help the scalp’s blood circulation, hair well-being or hair loss, because the scalp has a dense vascular network and circulates well despite muscle tension, Tapio Rantanen corrects the misunderstanding.

Dandruff for many reasons

The skin regenerates all the time and the dandruff is usually invisible because the strips are small. But when they are a millimeter or two in diameter, dandruff will appear.


Post Author: Erick Lima Azevedo