Curcumin and What You need to Know About It

Digesting well requires a lot of effort. First there is the stomach and its gastric juices, then the liver and the gallbladder and finally the intestine and its billions of bacteria which must work in harmony.

Turmeric, called Indian afran or bourbon saffron, has its place in our natural pharmacy when we suffer from digestive problems thanks to its curcuminoids, in particular curcumin, which give it its beautiful golden yellow color.

Native to India, he likes in tropical countries. It is from its underground part, the rhizome, that the turmeric powder used in Ayurvedic medicine is extracted. In 2010, it entered the European Pharmacopoeia.  Now with the earthwell curcumin supplement you can have the best solutions present for you.

Antibacterial, turmeric cleanses the stomach

Curcumin regulates the intestinal flora and inhibits (in vitro) the multiplication of an ulcer-causing bacteria, Helicobacter pylori. This antibacterial effect is amplified by its immunostimulatory and antioxidant properties. Tested in humans, turmeric does not completely eliminate the infection, but it relieves gastric burns, belching, abdominal pain and bloating (dyspepsia).

How to use: turmeric is better assimilated when consumed with fat and a little pepper. As soon as it hurts or before eating irritating foods, you mix a teaspoon of turmeric (200 mg of curcuminoids) in a tablespoon of olive oil, and add a little black pepper. We sprinkle everything, once a day, on a salad or on a hot dish. Do not force the dose at the risk of irritation!

Draining, turmeric improves the work of the liver

  • Turmeric promotes waste drainage by stimulating the secretion of bile, a substance that plays a key role in the breakdown and elimination of fat.
  • In addition, powerfully antioxidant, it protects the liver cells from the side effects of paracetamol and chemotherapy.
  • Finally, it protects the hepatocytes from toxic agents, whether they are viruses or alcohol.
  • How to use: before a festive meal or as a detox cure, again mix a teaspoon of powder with olive oil and pepper.

“During chemotherapy, it must be taken between treatments to avoid a possible interaction with anti-cancer drugs”, warns Dr. Jean-Michel Morel, who recommends his essential oil rather for hepatitis prevention, 3 drops to let melt in the mouth lunch.

Anti-inflammatory, turmeric reduces intestinal disorders

It is the best known property, used in case of joint problems, but also irritable bowel syndrome. In a study of 207 volunteers, taking turmeric (72 or 144 mg) for eight weeks cured nearly one in two people, and improved symptoms in others. However, a placebo effect cannot be excluded.

How to use: as a three-week cure, to be renewed once after a week off, in the form of a powder or food supplement.

What precautions?

According to the European Medicines Agency, turmeric is not toxic at the recommended doses. Side effects observed: dry mouth, diarrhea, nausea in people suffering from functional intestinal disorders, as well as allergies.