Use Natural Skincare Products to Experience the Benefits Absent in Synthetic Products

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The dazzling aisle of cosmetics and beauty products always tempt you to purchase the favorite brands of cosmetics and skincare products. But have you ever stopped and wondered what you are buying? Have you ever thought of taking a look at the components of the products and check online whether they are actually good or suitable for your skin type? The answer is negative for many shoppers. Commercials and aggressive marketing often overshadow the original benefits of using a product. 

Go natural

As you get accustomed to using a particular product, you might ignore the reasons why you can consider switching to some other brand or changing the type of products that you use. Skincare shopping would have been much easier if you could easily decipher the terms like organic, cruelty-free, natural, chemical-free, or eco-friendly. Its high time to know why using natural products can be highly beneficial for the skin and why you should consider only natural products for skin care or treatments.

Non-toxic organic products

If you have sensitive skin, prone to chronic issues like acne or pimples, you must be careful while selecting skincare products. Many labels read organic, but you might be wondering whether it is completely non-toxic, which won’t trigger any reaction in your skin. 

  • If the product has Government certification, it proves that the product comprises 95% of organic ingredients. 
  • Plant sources are the major resource of the organic components
  • The manufacturers grow these plants without any pesticide, petroleum-based fertilizers, or bioengineered genes that can be toxic to the environment. 
  • The farmers use organic farming techniques to recycle the sources for the promotion of biodiversity. 

As these products do not contain any synthetic compounds, they do not cause any harm to your skin. 

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Environment friendly

Natural products for skincare or beauty treatments are always way ahead of synthetic products when it comes to measuring the eco-friendliness owing to numerous reasons.

  1. The synthetic chemicals present in the artificial products can harm the plants and animals coming in direct contact. For instance, if you throw away an empty bottle of such a product in the garbage dump, the residues can slowly seep into the soil and pollute the ground with dire consequences on the environment. 
  2. The process of manufacturing synthetic beauty products always put much stress on the environment as the extraction procedure of some ingredients like lead and aluminum needs mining. Mining is a potent source of air pollution, leaving a great deal of carbon footprint, which is in no way good for the environment. 

But if you change to natural skin care products, the material will never harm the living organisms even if it mixes with the soil. Also, the process of manufacturing never pollutes the surrounding air or water. 

Safe for use

If you read about the different studies of dermatology, you will find that the stratum corneum, which is the external layer of the skin, can absorb almost five to six times the weight of its own. So the chemicals present in conventional cosmetics and products can easily penetrate through the dermal layers. When you use such products, you are willingly exposing the skin to toxic materials, which may turn out to be carcinogenic too. But the organic products do not contain such synthetic chemicals, and so there is no risk of hurting the skin.

Harmful toxic materials

You will be shocked to learn that the skincare products that you trusted for improving your skin are actually detrimental to the largest organ of your body. There are so many poisonous materials in these products that you will soon suffer from myriad side effects, and you will not even know why it is happening.

Dangerous preservatives

For instance, the parabens used as a preservative in synthetic products can mimic some natural hormones of your body. If you use the product for a long time, the hazardous chemical will negatively affect your body. 

  • Mercury present in many products can damage your kidneys and nervous system.
  • Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and can cause skin cancer.
  • Lead is common in many creams, and it is a neurotoxin.
  • Triclosan might claim to be an anti-aging element, but actually, it can affect the thyroid level. 

But if you consider the preservatives in the natural skin care products like the grapefruit seed extract or the rosemary oil extract, none are harmful to your skin.


The extract from the herbs directly will be much more effective than the combination of various chemicals. Nature is the creator, and Nature is the biggest healer. If you have been looking for the ideal anti-aging serum or shampoo or acne-control ointments, you should now switch to herbal and organic products. 

You will never experience any skin irritation despite having sensitive skin. Sometimes, new skin issues arise when using conventional skincare products containing common allergens like Lanolin, Quaternium 15, Formaldehyde, or Methylchloroisothiazolinone.

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