Have you heard about a weed hangover? Know how to cure it

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You have the best cannabis seeds in US and there are chances that an overdose of the same will lead to a hangover. What is a weed hangover? It is a set of symptoms not entirely like the hungover feeling after you consume a lot of alcohol. Smoking or inhaling or eating too much weed will lead to this situation, it will cause nausea, brain fog and headaches. Some people claim that they never get it, while other claim that they get cannabis hangovers all the time. Let us explore it more here and see what is hangover is like and how can we fight it Cannabis Seeds Us

If you have never faced any weed hangover, you are truly lucky. If you have ever had one, you know you caught it only because you indulged into an extensive smoking binge and you then decided to control your portions. Although this hangover is a bit different from what you get after consuming excess alcohol, some of the symptoms may still resemble. Common weed hangover signs include dry eyes, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, constipation and so on. This is something you will always want to avoid. The following are some of the tips to fight this kind of a hangover. 

  1. A weed hangover will give you some distinct images in your brain. This is mostly the brain fog and this means that your brain is not functioning the way it should. This feeling will make you fly in the air and you will feel landed on the ground. Most of the people indicate that the weed hangover is less impactful that the one caused by consuming too many drinks at a time. 
  2. There is very little research existing on the weed hangovers. When there is an increased quantity of THC in the cannabis strain, the handover is going to be more. If you have been experiencing episodes of weed hangover, you might want to change the strain and try with a less amount of THC. 
  3. Many people complain about dry mouth and dry eyes, and dehydration after a weed hangover. However, there is no science to back this point. You will surely have dry eyes and dry mouth and these doesn’t have anything to do with the lack of fluids in your body. This annoying parched feeling is only because of the excess weed went in your stomach. This is caused by the lack of saliva in the mouth. The THC is known to be binding the salivary glands in the mouth. This stops the saliva production, causing your mouth to dry up fast. 

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