Co Washing used in New York

The technique of washing the hair by co-wash does not mean the combination of two hair care products. It is also not the simultaneous use of shampoo and hair conditioner. In fact, this term does not reflect this new fashion trend in hair care. I will help you figure out what this means.

The essence of technology co-wash. The term co-wash, in fact, is an abbreviation of “conditioner wash,” which in Russian means washing hair with conditioner. The use of hair conditioner is becoming a central element of this technique. Shampoos often contain detergents that can adversely affect the condition of the hair, in particular, dry them. While the conditioner as well as shampoo, contains detergents, it has a much less aggressive effect on the hair! The idea is to wash hair conditioner for hair, to cleanse and moisturize.

To wash the hair by the co-hair method, you will need a balm or conditioner that does not contain silicones. Silicone conditioners wash the hair worse, and they also clog pores and contribute to fast salting of the hair.

Co-wash technique, is this a good idea? Nowadays, there are soft shampoos with a neutral pH. Thus, without harming your hair, you can wash your hair and then use hair conditioner. It follows from this that washing the hair with one conditioner is not always relevant. However, there are exceptions…

The opinion of a professional Barbers in New York. Washing the hair conditioner from time to time can be a good habit, if you only do it periodically. This applies to very thick and dry hair, which often curls. You can use the co-wash technique every third time, alternating this shampooing using a familiar shampoo. Washing your hair with conditioner will make it even more beautiful. Also, this practice is suitable for nourishing care for dry and thin hair. However, keep in mind that it is best to alternate the co-wash technique using regular shampoo.


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