Why Should You Switch To Raw Dog Food

Pet owners have been desperately seeking for the best way to feed their dogs the healthiest possible food they can get. Being much more paranoid due to the wide recall of dog food products in 2007 by big pet food brands in the market these owners started jumping from one canine diet option to another.

And the best choice, so far, is personally preparing dog food for their beloved pets. Others may consider it as more troublesome for it really requires much effort. You would need to make sure that you will be serving your dog a meal that meets all his dietary needs but it certainly is much more beneficial for your dog as you would know what exactly he is feeding on.

Homemade dog foods are further categorized into different groups; one of which is the raw dog food or as what has been coined by dog care specialists as BARF which is short for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. While it may seem dangerous to feed your dog raw foods due to possible bacterial contamination it is good to have in mind that these animals are born carnivorous. And besides, these animals have been in this planet longer than we humans have.

They never needed our help then in cooking foods for them. They eat raw meat from dead animals or even hunt down their own prey. They even probably fed on fallen fruits and vegetables. They fed on whatever food they can eat on the ground however, as a responsible and totally loving dog owner we would not of course let our pets just live like wild dogs. What point am I try to make then? I just would want to say that with a healthy body, dogs can handle bacteria like Salmonella or E. coli because their saliva has a kind of enzyme called lysozyme designed to kill bacteria. In relation to this, a dog’s stomach produces certain enzymes with high concentration of acidity designed for the same purpose. A raw food diet is a specially prepared dog meal composed of fresh ingredients which are well-hydrated and of course raw. Ingredients like meat and vegetables still contain juices, enzymes and amino acids that have not been tainted by cooking.

Many dog owners have attested to the advantages of switching to raw dog food. Below are some of the advantages of feeding your dog raw food:

-cleaner teeth; feeding your dog raw food lessens the buildup of tartar thus eliminating bad breath

-shiny coat and less shedding of hair; itchy skin conditions caused by allergies are also avoided

-firmer stool which only means one thing: better digestion

-raw dog food is believed to boost the immune system

Implementing a raw food diet can surely be a healthy option for your dog. However, it will be highly advisable to consult your vet first to avoid any harm and to ensure proper nutrition with a well-balanced meal complete with meat, vegetables and starch. Giving your dog personally prepared meal everyday will surely make him healthier and much happier. And not just that, these animals sure know how to appreciate things. Your pet will surely reciprocate the love and care you are giving him.

Post Author: Violet

Violet Rae Murphy: Violet, a biotech analyst, covers advances in health technology, biotech innovations, and the future of personalized medicine.