Why Celery Is Making A Comeback

Bring on the Celery

With more and more emphasis on living a healthier lifestyle, people are always looking for a food that will help boost their overall health. Celery contains a wealth of nutrients that are necessary for maintaining our bodies. Touted by doctors to be one of the best things that can be eaten to improve one’s health, celery has been a long-standing contributor to medicine since ancient times. Find the right celery recipes and menu ideas to add to this week’s meal plan, and create better overall health for the entire family.

Celery as a Snack

While for some celery can be an acquired taste, it truly is the perfect addition to any food plan. At only ten calories per stalk, eating celery raw has been considered the perfect snack for any dieter. It is high in fiber which helps to support digestion and makes the snack quite filling. In addition, to being a highly filling low-calorie snack, celery is also high in antioxidants; which are essential in the protection of organ and blood vessel damage. 

What’s in Celery?

Celery also contains several other vitamins that can help in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. its 25 anti-inflammatory compounds can reduce inflammation commonly caused by arthritis and osteoporosis. Celery is filled with water, aiding in hydration.

Other fabulous elements found in celery are its essential oils and minerals. It is well known that essential oils can help put the body and mind into a relaxed state. So it is no surprise that eating some raw celery can have the same effect.

Vitamins and Minerals

The vast array of benefits that celery has to offer does not end there. Magnesium is another vital component found in celery. Magnesium and help maintain a healthy heart rhythm while assisting to lower blood pressure. Furthermore, this element aids in reducing blood sugar within the body. Finally, when combined with the essential oils that are also found in celery, magnesium will help to relax the body’s nervous system. This relaxation from magnesium and essential oils can assist in getting a more restful sleep.

Perhaps the most beneficial elements of celery would be Vitamin A. Often referred to as the super vitamin, Vitamin A can help improve one’s vision. It also supports growth and development while assisting to maintain a strong immune system. Vitamin A is also great for healthy skin and strong bones. Finally, this mega vitamin has also been linked to repairing and reproducing damaged tissue and event assisting to reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Celery contains a plethora of amazing nutrients. However, to ensure one feels the benefits of these components, it is imperative that it is prepared in a manner that allows these benefits to come through. Cooking vegetables often strips them of vitamins and minerals, which can negate the purpose of adding these healthy components to one’s diet. Thus, eating celery raw or drinking its juice are the best ways to make sure the body is actually receiving all the nutrients that celery has to offer.

Celery is a Superfood

Packed with a ton of vital nutrients and vitamins, celery is a superfood. With essentials elements such as Vitamin A, magnesium, fiber, and antioxidants, it is not surprising that people who include celery as part of their daily diet are living longer, happier and healthier lives. Search for your favorite celery recipes today and get started on the path for better overall health. When you make celery a frequent component of your diet, you will begin reaping its benefits by preventing infections and having a stronger immunity.

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