Types of laser dentistry in Minnesota

Laser dentistry has evolved in its procedure a lot but is still not used as a primary method of treatment due to its many complications. But you can find many clinics that use laser dentistry in Minnesota. The laser treatments use wavelength to cut into the tissues. By changing the wavelength of light, laser is used to cut into different types of tissues.

 Although, laser treatments are much expensive than the conventional methods they are much convenient and easier solution to your dental problems. Laser dentistry MN Clinics offer two types of laser treatments, hard tissue laser and soft tissue laser. They are classified as one cannot be used for another because soft tissue laser can be too rough for hard tissue and vice versa.

Hard tissue laser- The wavelength of these lasers can easily cut through your teeth, bones and water. It is basically used for teeth like filling cavities, curing sensitivity, and prepares tooth and gum for dental fillings. This procedure minimizes the noise and vibrations compared to the traditional methods of dentistry. It is a less painful process and thus requires less anesthesia. Recovery is faster as the teeth area is less injured.

Soft tissue laser-The wavelength used in this process is very light and contains carbon dioxide which can cut through hemoglobin and water and get absorbed easily. They are appropriate for treatment of gums. They cut through the soft tissues and seal them as soon as they are exposed. Thus, it controls the bleeding and is a much quick process. Also, the laser sterilizes the gums and thus chances of infection are less. The results from the laser treatment appear faster. The process is generally used for crown lengthening, treating abnormal tongue movements and folds in the gums due to dentures, teeth whitening and reshaping gums.

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