Top 4 Anime Characters that are Probably Marijuana Users

Just like cartoons, anime series are often stigmatized to be made only for kids and not for the grown-ups. However, there is no truth to this stereotype since majority of anime shows are crafted with serious and often harsh “grown-up matters” — and yes, that includes cannabis.

In fact, despite the general stigma against the use of cannabis in Japan, some of the most iconic anime characters known across the globe are somewhat closely portrayed to be cannabis users.

Want to know who these anime characters could be? The following are the top 4 anime icons that are probably marijuana enthusiasts.

Check them out:

  • Mugen (SamuriaChamploo)

This iconic antihero fond of fighting and killing is the ultimate epitome of the stereotypical marijuana user. Portrayed to be relatively thin with unkempt black hair, Mugen is the classic reckless protagonist we often see on shounen anime. Not only does he displaythe tendency to pick fights over petty reasons, but he is alsoutterly chaotic and unpredictable — similar to the aggressive outburst and violent behaviour often associated to excessive marijuana consumption.

  • Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)

Portrayed to be lazy in nature and has evident lack of enthusiasm in any activity, Shikamaru seems to metaphorize the classic “lazy stoner” stereotype. Not only is he often seen sleeping (which is very typical for marijuana users), but he is also shown to be spending most of his free time spacing out and staring at clouds, almost as if stuck in those “high” episodes.

Moreover, it must also be noted that he came from a clan known to be the keepers of a forest in which they raised deer and collect medicinal supplies. Perhaps, it is only natural to assume that Shikamura might have encountered the green plant and since then became a proud enthusiast, right?

  • Stoner (Eureka Seven)

There’s something about Stoner that makes him a candidate on this list. Maybe it’s the fact he spends most of his time rambling about different philosophical ideas with his head high above the clouds. Or perhaps, it’s because of his evident love for smoking. Or maybeit’s just the evident portrayal spelled through his name. Whatever the case is, Stoner is obviously one of the most notable anime characters that are perfect to check on during your high times.

  • Saitama (One Punch Man)

Let’s face it. Who else could fight gigantic and powerful monsters day in and day out and remain calm other than a cannabis enthusiast? Not only does Saitama goes through everything with little to no effort, but he is also always struggling through existential crisis – which is often associated to cannabis consumption. Who knows, maybe he even needs a little help from the plant just to feel a little “human” again.

Whether it be shounen, action, adventure, psychological, thriller, or comedy, there will always be some notable anime characters worthy of suspicions.

The next time you decide to spend some time with cannabis, be sure to get to know these characters more as you inhale the sweet, earthly flavour of marijuana entering your system.

Post Author: Violet

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