The Right Choices in the Diet Program

Dieting is not something you can improvise, and no matter how hard you try to be careful for a few weeks a year, the slimming promise will not necessarily be there. So how do you really succeed in your diet? Here are the 10 essential steps to overcome to overcome it, and for good.

Of all those who tried to lose extra pounds, how many stopped or picked up on the way? One thing is certain, there are not many of you.

Goals, motivation, right time, mistakes and method, we explain the key steps to follow when embarking on a diet, to finally get there. For the proper diet program this is essential now.

Target your objectives correctly

The biggest mistake is to set the bar too high. Let it be said: there is no ideal weight, but a proper weight for each, depending on body size, basic metabolism, heredity, hormonal episodes (pregnancy, menopause). By wanting to lose too much, you expose yourself to a sudden recovery, then to the yoyo effect.

Before starting any diet, you must therefore identify your balance weight, the one in which you feel good and which you can maintain without frustration over time.

Shield your motivation

We do not lose weight to please others, but for ourselves, for our well-being and our form.

It is therefore useless to strive against a few extra pounds when you are in good shape and you are not threatening your health. A diet is hard: you really have to want to lose weight before getting started.

Choose the right time

Dieting means putting certain habits and pleasures on hold. Before you start, it is necessary to make sure that you are available both in your head and in your timetable. No way to restrict yourself when, for example, you go on vacation 2 weeks later, we have a party the next day or we are going through a period of stress or depression.

Identify your mistakes

It is by looking for the causes of weight gain (dietary errors, repeated diets, de – structuring of eating rhythms, sudden changes in lifestyle, environmental factors, sedentary lifestyle), that you will find the solutions. You have to put your finger on what is wrong to take the problem head on and restore the situation.

Find the right method

Dissociated, low-calorie, high-protein, there are so many different diets that one life would not be enough to follow them all. Either way, there is no miracle method. Each has its arguments, advantages and disadvantages.

The main thing is to choose one that guarantees a balanced diet, and that corresponds to your lifestyle (eating out, children) and your needs (big appetite, significant overweight).

Stay on the right track

No question of following a dilettante diet: you don’t restrict yourself one day to let go the next day. There is nothing worse for the organism, which, disorientated, goes into idle mode and starts to store.

To be successful, you must scrupulously follow the instructions and the duration of the chosen method.

Concrete stabilization

The period after dieting is certainly the most difficult. To lose weight, your energy intake must be less than your expenditure. To stabilize, it is necessary to find a balance between contributions and expenditure. Once the desired weight has been reached, stabilization, a pivotal period, consists of going there by “trial and error” to achieve this adjustment.


Post Author: Violet

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