San Jose, California Drug Rehab

Generally speaking, there are two main categories when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab programs: inpatient programs and outpatient programs. Inpatient programs are residential, requiring the client to live at a drug treatment facility for a certain length of time. This program allows patients to focus entirely on their recovery, as they are in the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an alternative option for those who cannot make such a time commitment, outpatient treatment programs allow clients to attend a school or engage at their job, as the clients live at home and attend sessions regularly. Most San Jose CA drug and alcohol treatment centers offer the following programs:

Inpatient Drug Treatment Services:

 Inpatient drug treatment services and alcohol treatment programs are the center of our curriculum and the most effective at engendering long-term recovery. Most rehabs in San Jose have trained staff with experience in treatments for addictions ranging from alcohol to methamphetamine, focusing on treating prescription drugs and opiates. Typically speaking, a 90-day stay is typical for this type of treatment. A stay at our inpatient drug rehabilitation center will incorporate a variety of evidence-based and holistic treatment methods for a complete recovery.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Services: 

Alcohol addiction is still the most prominent type of addiction in the United States, and as such, it is a central part of the work we do at our inpatient alcohol treatment center. During addiction treatment in San Jose, CA, the best rehab programs include medically supervised detox services due to the often-severe complications of alcohol withdrawal. Such are the services that we provide our clients with at United Recovery Project, Florida. Then, we move on to a holistic, therapy-based methodology leading to a 100% drug-free recovery. Each inpatient program will include personalized treatment options for alcoholism and aftercare support to help ensure long-term solutions.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Services: 

Another option for drug treatment services away from San Jose is our outpatient drug rehab center in Florida. The outpatient drug treatment programs that San Jose drug rehabs provide are ideal for those with less severe addictions or those who have responsibilities such as school, employment, or childcare than cannot be put aside for a full inpatient rehab stay. While not as comprehensive as an inpatient treatment stay, evidence-based treatment at an outpatient center is substantially more effective than a 12-step program by itself.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Services: 

After the detox period, treatment for alcoholism on an outpatient basis can aid in recovery as much in an inpatient stay for some clients. United Recovery Project uses SMART Recovery in our outpatient holistic alcohol rehabilitation center. SMART Recovery helps those in outpatient treatment address their addiction using scientifically-backed techniques. We also ensure patients are in contact with a community of peers ready to support them as well as counselors prepare to ask any questions that may present themselves.

Detoxification Services: 

Detox is the process of flushing the body of any remaining intoxicants and the byproducts that come with them. During detoxification treatment, withdrawal symptoms, depending on the severity of the addiction and drug(s) of choice, can be extremely uncomfortable and fatal. Because of this, it is crucial to undergo detox in a medically supervised setting. Both drug and alcohol detox services in San Jose and out of the state are available.

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