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Depression is a disease that is characterized in particular by great sadness, a feeling of hopelessness (depressed mood), a loss of motivation and decision-making powers, a decrease in the feeling of pleasure, eating and sleeping disorders, morbid thoughts and the feeling of having no value as an individual. While different methods are used for the treatment of anxiety and depression, CBD is considered as one of the most effective solutions.

In the medical community, the term major depression is often used to refer to this disease. Depression usually occurs in the form of depressive periods which can last for weeks, months or even years. Depending on the intensity of the symptoms, depression will be described as mild, moderate or major (severe). In the most severe cases, depression can lead to suicide. Using the UK CBD

Depression: chronic depression or depressed?: understand everything in 2 min

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Depression affects mood, thoughts and behavior, but also the body. Depression can be expressed in the body by back pain, stomach aches, headaches.It also explains why someone with depression may be more vulnerable to colds and other infections, as their immune systems are weakened.

Depressed or depressed?

The term “depression”, still taboo not so long ago, is often used in common parlance to describe the inevitable periods of sadness, boredom and melancholy that all are called upon to experience at some point or to another without being a disease.

  • Demonized for a long time, look at the views on that side.
  • No one died from marijuana use.
  • People who smoke marijuana are rarely depressed
  • Unlike smoking, cannabis does not cause emphysema.
  • Cannabis does not cause cancer (in fact, smoking marijuana also reduces your chance of getting cancer).
  • THC will clean your lungs and prevent tumors.
  • Smoking marijuana every day will not harm your brain.
  • No research has shown that cannabis can cause mental illness, although many people have worked hard in this area.

Cannabis is not an induced drug

Cannabis can treat arteriosclerosis

Cannabis not only suspends growth, but also eliminates brain tumors. Of course, this is only the result of mouse experiments. No one has done human experiments in this area.

  • Although following the current is not a good reason, you will never be alone. Hemp is the number one crop in the United States.
  • Sexual life will become better.
  • 15 million people smoke marijuana each month (US only).
  • Cannabis can prevent blindness.
  • Marijuana can prevent migraines.
  • Compared to caffeine, marijuana is not easily addicted. Cannabis does not cause physical addiction but may cause slight mental addiction.
  • The Drug Administration intended to legalize marijuana use in 1997.

Don’t you want to laugh at PaulyShore?

Because the law is not a good reason for you not to smoke marijuana. Slaves were once legal and sodomy was once illegal. The law was nothing but a barometer of moral bar.

Because becoming “high” is not “bad”. Although you never realized that eating meat or sugar or fried food or vegetables or drinking coffee or tea or soda will affect your mental state, all of which can make you “high”.

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