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For sound financial management, you can choose to do this assessment once or twice a year. Note that the more you regularly review your assets, the more you have the chance to better follow the evolution of your personal wealth.

Set a projected budget

To control your expenses, it is essential to draw up a provisional budget. This is a table that lists all your income and expenses to help you achieve sound financial management. Contrary to what some people think, the budget estimate is not a succession of data and vague calculations. On the contrary, it is a question of relying on real figures to make projections over a given period. Thus, it becomes easy to develop personal development assumptions with some precision to ensure the viability of your projects. Remember, however, that data may vary from one period to another, since it is only a forecast. In any case, it is up to you to do everything in your power to balance things.

To establish a good budget estimate, it is recommended to consult your monthly statement of accounts and the invoices that you keep. Then calculate your income and expenses using for example this form . If the result is negative, you must identify the expenses that you can limit to achieve a balanced budget . If the result is positive, you can consider saving or making investments, or both at the same time to increase the value of your assets and for more info about Downtown Los Angeles Cannabis Dispensary

Sign up for a savings plan

While the forecast budget helps to balance income and expenditure, it also helps set realistic savings targets to face the future with confidence. In fact, saving is a buffer for financial stability and it is important to make good choices to get the best out of it. Before you start, know that the amount you save does not matter. What matters is the savings rate . In practice, an employee who collects € 1,200 a month and who saves € 150 has a savings rate of 12.5%. This figure is much more interesting than the one who earns 6000 € per month, but who spares only 300 €, or 5% of his salary.

The Right Steps Here

It is important to save for sound financial management. However, you must know how to do it so as not to fall back into the debt trap. If your budget allows, you can store at least three months of revenue to build your available savings. It is indeed a part of your resources that is not immediately consumed. This type of savings generally helps to cover the risks inherent in life (loss of income, claims, etc.) and to guarantee financial autonomy over the long term. In addition, your available savings can be used to fund constrained expenses (co-ownership fees, taxes, etc.). Note that this savings can sometimes be used to finance your medium-term projects (professional reconversion, real estate projects).


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