A Brief Introduction About Lemon Pie Tree Seeds

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Marijuana named lemon pie is going to be sweet as a pie and sour as a lemon. A weed that makes the user crave for more. It is a hybrid made by combining three different strains of weed. The first is the amnesia haze, the second is skunk#1, and the third party is a mysterious one because no data have been found regarding the third.

Amnesia haze is the strain that gave the lemon tree seeds their sativa properties, making it an energetic weed. Skunk#1 is responsible for the indica effect that gives the user the feeling of inner peace and happiness. Like the lemon haze, the lemon pie’s taste, smell, and appearance are outstanding. 

In this article, the details about lemon tree seeds are explained in detail, how to cultivate lemon tree seeds, side effects, and smell and taste. 

1- How to grow lemon tree seeds 

The lemon pie tree’s height is very tall, and sometimes various height management techniques need to be used. Height management techniques are used because they help with the increase of trichome production. It is also very easy to grow with the plant being naturally protected from harmful conditions such as molds etc. The grower can easily cut down the buds, which leads the plant to get good light and nutrients. If the plant is exposed to moisture more often, then there are chances that the plant will start to decay over time. The plants require adequate light and air for proper growth and nutrition.

2- Taste and smell of lemon tree seeds 

At first, when the smoker inhales the whiff, the taste is citrus with sweet lemon. After the end of the smoke, the taste that remains is of earthy tones and diesel. Because the concentration of THC is more just after the first blow, the smoker can smell the sweet flavor of lemon. Once the smoke settles, the smell that leaves the room is more of diesel and tangy. After the first whiff, the lemon tree seed’s taste and smell give the smoker a feel of a nice lemonade during the sunny day. 

3- Consequences of smoking lemon tree seeds

The person can quickly feel getting high just after the first three or four whiffs. Though the sativa is less in quantity, it gives the smoker an incredible energy boost. After the initial puffs, the user feels the urge to smoke more and more, with each puff rejuvenating than the last. The smoker gets a very happy vibe instantly. After the person gets high, then the brain starts firing neurons like crazy. This leads the user to come up with suggestions and ideas. Hence it is a preferred choice before any brainstorming process. Though it has indica the effects of sativa does not wear off quickly.

4- Side-effects of lemon tree seeds 

If the weed is smoked in higher doses, users tend to ask more questions and become lightheaded. Some users have also reported losing consciousness after a heavy dose of smoking lemon tree seeds. Other primary symptoms such as cottonmouth and dry eyes do happen for trying the weed for the first time. Though it is recommended to have some hydrating fluids or a set of eye drops. Regular users are aware and are prepared for the consequences of this strain. 

To sum it up

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