Why You Need A Mouthwash

Toothpaste is unproblematic and primarily intended to refresh the breath in the short term. Antibacterial mouthwashes, on the other hand, promise an effect against tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath. They should be used daily and eliminate up to 99% of bacteria, even in hard to reach areas. Unfortunately, the thing has a catch: mouthwashes do what they should. They eliminate the bacteria in our mouth and with silver mouth wash, you are sure of a good result.

Of Good and Bad Bacteria

You’ve probably heard it before: There are tens of millions of bacteria on our body and in our digestive system. They do not just sit around; they have important tasks. For example, they break down food ingredients that we would not otherwise be able to access. Or they are just there to occupy the place so that no harmful bacteria can settle. The science researches diligently on our bacterial colonization and always find new and surprising tasks that these little beings do for us. And in our mouth, there are not only unwanted caries bacteria but also many, many good bacteria. These form our natural oral flora. A completely bacteria-free mouth is not what we should wish for.

Attention: No Nitric Oxide Without Bacteria

One type of bacteria in our mouth has become more and more of a focus in recent years: those that metabolize the nitrate absorbed through vegetables. We now know that if we eat nitrate-rich vegetables, the availability of NO, i.e., nitric oxide, will be improved for the near future.

For example, hypertension is lowered, increased athletes performance and improves the overall oxygen supply in the body. A great thing! Now, researchers also found out that all of these positive effects did NOT occur when antibacterial mouthwash was used.

So, the nitrate absorbed through the food must first be converted by the bacteria living in the mouth so that we can use it ourselves. Only then can we produce NO if necessary. How this works correctly, you can read here.

Which Alternatives Are There?

The most crucial thing in dental care is brushing your teeth several times a day and cleaning the interdental spaces. That cannot replace mouthwash anyway. Cosmetic mouthwash for fresh breath supplement this dental care, if you like likes and tolerates. Pay attention to these ingredients; you should avoid them: chlorhexidine, CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride), triclosan and sodium benzoate.

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