What are some Myths about CBD compound!

CBD is often linked with the THC as these two compounds are found in cannabis plants. Cannabis plants have a lot of THC in it which is used for smoking. CBD, on the other hand, is mostly extracted from the hemp which is also a type of cannabis but has only 0.2% THC in it and excessive amount of CBD.

Cannabidiol products including CBD are now accepted in most parts of the world as medicine and available commercially as well. We are going to discuss some myths about CBD.

Why not a synthetic version?

If CBD is good then why there is no synthetic version of the compound. This is what the science did with the morphine and aspirin. Scientists found that cannabis has a kind of synergy among all the compounds present in it. This is referred to as the entourage effect as the whole is greater than the total of all the parts.

So why would the pharmaceutical companies create the whole plant which is of no use to them, they prefer single compounds or a synthetic version which can be patented.

CBD is good and THC is bad

THC is used for smoking and create high, CBD, on the other hand, is considered a medicine. This is why CBD is labeled as good and the THC is labeled as the bad. There are some countries in which medical cannabis is legal and they prescribe it for the cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy. THC in the chemotherapy eases nausea and also improves the appetite. Some clinical studies also show that THC kills the cancer cells which if found by extensive researches would be a big breakthrough for the medical field. It is interesting to note that when THC and CBD are combined the CBD reduces the psychoactive effect of the THC on the body.

No scientific proof that CBD works

Most of the scientific researches made on the CBD are preclinical and none of them can scientifically proof that CBD works. Mostly these are trials on the humans or the animals which state that it is good for curing certain symptoms. It is known for easing social anxiety and reduce the episodes of the schizophrenia. Most extensive research on the human subject is that of the treatment for the epilepsy of childhood. A British company made a CBD based drug which is named Epidiolex and has shown successful results in treating childhood epilepsy.

CBD is a marketing scam

CBD has several benefits which are proven with the clinical trials but that does not justify the usage of the CBD in almost all the medicines. The pharma companies are surely aware of its benefits but mostly it is used in all the medicines as the new marketing strategy.

These are some of the myths which are believed in the medicine world. CBD is helpful for the treatment of many symptoms and the extensive research will allow its usage in a much better and a secure way.

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