Importance of a San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary

Marijuana Businesses Deemed 'Essential' in San Francisco : NPR

The city of San Francisco is a city that is located in the state of California; it has a significant number of residents. It covers a land area of ​​about 121 square km and is a city with a significant population density in the United States. This city is a financial, cultural, transportation (San Francisco Bay) and tourist center, receiving thousands for years.

San Francisco represents a metropolitan agglomeration with the number of more than seven million people that inhabit it. This city is located in the extreme north of the San Francisco Peninsula and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, to the east with the Homonymous Bay and connected to the mainland that is in the extreme south.

Essential Business

The City of San Francisco Health Department has announced that the entire San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary will be open. This measure is taken by the Department since they consider these dispensaries as “Essential Businesses” in this worldwide quarantine by COVID-19. Previously, health officials in that city had ordered the closure of all Cannabis dispensaries; now, this order is unprecedented.

As the “Coronavirus” pandemic progresses and continues, the San Francisco authorities decide to keep these clinics open. At the start of the pandemic, the San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary was not considered by the authorities as “essential businesses”. Essential businesses at the time included only gas stations, banks, pharmacies, workshops, grocery stores, and auto repair shops.

Reopening of dispensaries

The closing of the dispensaries in San Francisco was to avoid the long lines of scared Cannabis buyers. The pandemic put all legal cannabis users in that city in a state of despair. The order issued by the San Francisco authorities on the closing of the dispensaries had the opposite effect on the buyers.

Some dispensaries in the city would have received special permission from the Cannabis Control Offices to serve their clients. Banning the operation of a San Francisco Marijuana Dispensary means that medical Cannabis patients would be seriously ill. Many of these patients have low incomes and do not have the necessary material resources to be able to obtain legal Cannabis.

For this reason, now the San Francisco Marijuana Dispensary meets the rank of “special business”. You and others will now be able to attend these dispensaries and stock up on legal Cannabis. Although dispensaries are currently open in the city of San Francisco, not in other cities.

Clinics in other cities in the state of California

Clinics in other cities like Vallejo, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Oakland only stayed open until noon. However, this could change at any time due to the COVID-19 pandemic that plagues this state in the United States. All dispensaries meet the absolute definition of “special business” since Cannabis stores are “health care operations”.

If dispensaries in other California cities close, it could cause a generally negative impact. Currently, there are 13,795 legally registered patients receiving medical marijuana under strict medical orders. Most of these patients do not have enough money to be able to stock up throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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