How To Use Massage Gun Attachments?


Every percussion massager comes with a whole lot of unique interchangeable rub-down gun pointers or attachments. The four you spot underneath are quite standard. If you’re a touch pressured as to the way to use the rub-down gun attachments, allow us to clean it up.

From proper to left we have the massive ball, the flathead, the bullet, and the fork.

  • The Large Ball– The maximum typically used 부산출장마사지 rub-down gun attachment. Depending on the manufacturer, it’s manufactured from both dense rubber and hardened foam. Designed to deal with each massive and medium organization muscular tissue just like the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, it’s the maximum flexible attachment ordinary.
  • The Flat Head– A terrific multi-cause rub-down gun attachment. From the percent to the gluts to the legs, the flathead is right for smaller muscle agencies and full-frame rub down. Because it doesn’t have any sharp edges, it won’t harm pretty as lots in case you manifest to run over bones whilst massaging.
  • The Bullet– If you need to apply your rub-down gun for particular cause factors or knots that is a terrific choice. This rub-down gun attachment is terrific for genuine awareness on one specific spot at the frame which includes the shoulders or unique ligament attachment factors.

The Fork Head– The dual-pronged head lets you to goal regions which include the spine, and might be useful for decreasing lower backache. If you’re careful, you could use the rub-down gun lightly alongside the lower back of the neck. To do so, start gradually and on the 부산출장마사지 bottom putting to evaluate your tolerance. It also can be used for different locations just like the calf muscular tissues or alongside the Achilles too.

Depending on which rub-down gun you purchase, you could obtain greater attachments. Some rub-down weapons include smaller versions at the attachments above which include a small ball or a smaller flathead.

Here are a few extra attachments you would possibly see:

  • IT Band Blade – A flat, wedge-formed attachment designed for stripping smooth tissues. This attachment may be used to loosen tight IT bands.
  • Arrowhead – A tapered attachment that involves a rounded point. This attachment is much like the bullet however has a greater pointed tip, making it best for deep tissue rub down and cause factors.
  • Padded Round – A rounded 부산출장마사지 attachment that makes use of air to cushion its percussion. This attachment may be very cushy to apply round bony regions of the frame just like the spine, shoulders, and higher neck.

Post Author: Erick Lima Azevedo