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California will begin licensing official marijuana businesses, with laws and regulations being regulated, and technically still selling marijuana is illegal. By law, for example, you could get to a plant by giving it to you. However, we are not going to look at what the marijuana sales system in California should look like in a few months, but rather look at how people could have accessed legal marijuana before. As we mentioned above, medical marijuana has long been legal in California, but someone has to grow it and make sure it arrives at establishments across the country, where they can deliver it to people with the necessary documents. The Imgur user with the nickname Cannabis products1620 has therefore decided to share some fascinating images with the world from a legal marijuana farm that holds all the required permits and certificates to literally help people with health problems. Now at the los angeles dispensary you can have the best choices available.

The Right Steps Here

As Cannabis products has already mentioned in the introduction, his work might seem very simple and enviable because he works from home and even grows marijuana within the law, but the bureaucracy that comes with his job is sometimes quite exhausting. First of all, there is a doctor’s certificate on the wall that his patient, in this case Cannabis products, can grow a maximum of 99 marijuana plants at the same time and store up to 4.5 kg of dried cannabis flowers, taking into account his diagnosis. In the beginning, of course, the size of marijuana seedlings does not reach huge dimensions, so it is necessary to wait about a month until the phase in which the plants begin to bloom gradually. 

Meanwhile, Cannabis products check them several times a day, adjust their growth direction and ensure that nothing happens to them. They move from one room to another, where the plants receive a regular dose of light, gradually adjusting their soil to make Cannabis products more enjoyable, and within seven to eleven weeks they reach the stage of picking up the word. The most popular varieties of marijuana have quite interesting names such as Sweet God, Purple Mr Nice or Lemon Tree, so anyone can choose.

The Right Plans

When the plants have successfully completed their pilgrimage, it is then their trimming and cutting, so that all the larger leaves travel to a special container, where they then face a completely different fate. The main product of adult plants is allowed to dry for a week, then Cannabis products adjusts it and strives to ensure that its moisture content is around 62 percent , which should guarantee the best possible combination of aroma and taste. The truncated and unsatisfactory parts of the plants turn into a substance called a brush in a matter of moments, and then the pilgrimage ends up in an industrial press that will make the inconspicuous powder and resin trapped inside become a high-quality THC hemp oil. What is interesting about the entire oil production process is that even though it is a product made from cut off parts, its THC content is usually several times higher than in ordinary smoking marijuana.

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