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Unrefined hemp oil cannot be used for frying, and it is not recommended to heat it. It has a lower boiling point than sunflower, soy, palm and some other vegetable oils that are commonly used for frying and deep-frying.

The Heat Treatment

Heat treatment destroys the bulk of the beneficial components that contain hemp seeds. We are talking about polyunsaturated fatty acids, the content of which hemp is a real champion and is not inferior to fish oil. In addition, with strong heating, the taste of the product changes for the worse, the oil begins to fade, so you risk just ruining the dish.

  • Another reason to refuse to heat the oil of hemp seeds is the formation of peroxides that are potentially dangerous for the body. These compounds are formed from polyunsaturated fatty acids when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Please note: omega acids and other valuable biologically active components of hemp oil are also destroyed by exposure to air and sunlight. To prevent oxidation, add oil to the dish before serving it on the table.

Proper storage also plays an important role. Hemp seed oil is stored in a tightly closed container on the refrigerator door or in a cool dark place. From the packaging started, it is advisable to consume the contents within a month, since the shelf life of the organic product is short. As a part of the cbd products it is quite important.

How to take hemp oil for therapeutic purposes?

The product can be used as a natural restorative and wellness product, taking it daily. Just one tablespoon of hemp seed oil will provide your body with a considerable amount of nutrients:

  • 8 g of omega-6 acids
  • 5 g omega-3 acids
  • 10% of the daily norm vit. E.

It is easy to make sure that the product is not accidentally classified as superfood. For therapeutic and preventive purposes, experts advice taking a tablespoon of oil two to three times a day 30 minutes before meals. To satisfy the daily requirement for polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is enough to consume 14–28 ml of cold-pressed hemp seed oil daily.

How long does the course of hemp oil take?

Since the product is completely natural, it is well absorbed. It can be used in courses or constantly as an additional source of omega acids, vitamins, and mineral compounds. The regular use of hemp oil is recommended for athletes and people who subject the body to high physical and psychological stress. Also, this product should be included in your diet during the recovery period after operations, serious illnesses, childbirth.

What diseases should hemp oil be taken for?

The food use of the product is supported by supporters of traditional and official medicine in order to prevent diseases of a number of organs and systems:

It should be noted the benefit of hemp seed oil for people with pathologies of the heart and blood vessels. Due to its hypocholesterolemic effect, the product prevents the formation of plaques that cause atherosclerosis and impaired blood supply to tissues. Cannabis oil is very useful for strengthening immunity in adults and children. The product has a positive effect on the hematopoiesis process, therefore it is recommended for people with anemia.

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