Glo Online Yoga for Stress Reduction

Glo is an online platform that teaches you how to live your true potential through mindful practices such. Our professional yoga instructors will help you meditate, and train your mind to be focused and fully aware at all times. We strive to help you connect with your inner self and serve others each day. We have over 50 meditation classes to practice to live a happy, fulfilled and positive life.

Stress is part of every human being’s life, and at times it can take a toll on you if it is too much. There are plenty of ways in which you can cope with stress, but the most effective is online yoga. Online yoga is a calming practice that helps in stress reduction and mindfulness. If you are constantly stressed at work, home or school and find it difficult to focus on a task at a time, take one of our online yoga classes to experience calmness. Whether you are practicing yoga for the first time or are a seasoned mediator, we will guide you on our classes to reduce stress. The following are the top three online yoga classes you should take for stress reduction.

  1. Yoga Nidra for Emotional Balance

This is a level one yoga nidra class that is taught by Jo Tastula. This yoga class focuses on the emotions you identify with daily and embracing them. The class puts focus on these emotions and embracing them as part of the meditation. It teaches you to learn your emotions, understand them and embrace them within yourself. You are required to delve deeper into your inner world and concentrate on the sensations that arise from within. Breathing exercises are also used to calm your mind and thoughts and find peace with your emotions. This yoga class takes 20 minutes and is highly recommended for you if you have a hard time processing your emotions.

  1. Miracle Meditation

This meditation class is a five-minute class that allows you to receive miracles by opening up your interior space. The main focus of this class is on your energy and shifting it into a positive perspective. It allows you to heal your inner self from negative energy produced by stressful situations. This is done by opening up your inner space and breathing in to nourish this space. In the end, you experience a shift in your energy and attitude, and it gives you a happy calming effect.

  1. Reclined Relaxation for Sound Sleep

Stress can result in insomnia and significantly affect your sleeping patterns. The reclined relaxation sound sleep class is appropriate for you if you are finding it difficult to sleep or relax after a stressful day at work or school. It is a 30-minute class that is supposed to transition you to sleep by relaxing your entire body. This class aims to learn how to relax your mind and body and put all the focus on calm thoughts. This allows your body to enter a relaxation state and later on sleep. After the nap, you will feel relaxed, energized and stress-free.

Bottom line

All of our online yoga practices are focused on different types of meditation. We put a lot of focus on the mind and the body to allow you to live a fulfilling life. This is because our subconscious usually affects our conscious, and that is why you get stressed because everything starts from a simple thought. Take these yoga classes if you want to challenge yourself to become strong in mind, body, and

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