Buying CBD Online? All the Factors You Need to Know

The CBD production industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in 2019. It’s momentum skyrocketed this year. The market for CBD is predicted to grow seven folds by 2021. Even companies like Coca Cola are keeping a close watch on the trends to devise ways of including CBD in some of their products.

With so much demand, various manufacturers have flooded CBD’s market. Due to limited research, there are no clear regulations on CBDs product quality. Moreover, the ingredient is new and discovered very soon. Hence, industry standards in this market are highly lacking.

There are many low and high-quality CBD products in the market, just as in any industry. And in the online space, it’s easy to pass off a low-quality product as high quality.

So, many ask – Is buying CBD oil online safe?

There is no clear answer to the question, as it’s equally possible to obtain a decent quality or an ineffective product. Knowing how to choose the right products is the key to buying CBD safely online.

While chances of procuring a low standard product when shopping online are high, with the right knowledge, you can choose an effective and high-quality CBD product.

Factors to consider when buying CBD products online

  1. Tests from third party lab

First of all, what you must look for in a CBD product is whether any third party laboratory has tested it or not. Look for lab reports of the tests which are available easily on the company’s website. Look for something stated as ‘certificate of analysis’ on the company’s site.

Additionally, you must check that all lab reports bear an ISO certification mark, as it’s the proof of the laboratory’s authenticity. The time of publishing these lab reports is also important. Old lab reports attest the quality of older products and not recent ones.            

  1. Percentage of THC on the product

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive element in cannabis extract. It creates an altered state of mind and leads to intoxication. THC can also cause addiction. Therefore, it’s essential that consumers verify whether the level of THC in CBD products is less than 0.3%. The maximum allowable levels of THC in most US states is 0.5%.

  1. Avoid products with Propylene Glycol

Vaping CBD liquid is a popular way of getting cannabidiol’s benefits fast and effectively. However, one must be aware of the CBD liquid they purchase for vaping. Often these vape liquids will contain propylene glycol as a solvent for CBD. Now, when this solvent is burned at high temperatures, it forms formaldehyde. It is highly irritating to a person’s nose and can also increase the chances of getting asthma.

  1. Find out CBD’s source of origin

Consumers should verify CBD product’s origin before buying. Hemp is primarily sourced from CBD, and its cultivation plays a significant role in determining the quality of CBD. Often CBD brands don’t maintain a close relationship with the farmers and are not aware of the quality of the raw material.

The cultivation practices used to grow hemp matters as they can determine the composition of CBD products. Hemp plants can readily absorb heavy metals and contaminants, which can find their way into the CBD. Moreover, the more environmental stress that hemp plants sustain, more THC they produce. So, there will be more THC in CBD derived from hemp plants grown in adverse climates. Also, cultivation should be as much pesticide free as possible.

  1. Verify the CBD extraction process used

How the CBD was extracted is essential to know. There are several methods of extracting CBD, but the most precise approach is CO2 extraction. It yields the highest quality ingredient. Additionally, the concentration of CBD in the products is also essential. One must be careful when choosing tinctures and read all product description carefully.

With the right pointers in mind, it’s easy to buy CBD oil online. With CBD, one can get relief from a variety of problems. With a growing body of research to support its efficacy, CBD will soon become a wellness essential.

Post Author: Violet

Violet Rae Murphy: Violet, a biotech analyst, covers advances in health technology, biotech innovations, and the future of personalized medicine.