How to select the best Vegan BCAA supplements? 

How to Choose the Best Vegan BCAA Supplement for Your Workout

After powders, BCCA or the branched-chain amino acids are one of the most popular supplements for protein. It is because BCCAs aid the muscles building blocks that make 35% of the muscles mass and are required for the growth and development at the molecular level. Other than helping in cell growth and tissue repair after extensive workouts, BCCAs also help in the formation of important antibodies. They are responsible for building RNA and DNA and help in the transportation of oxygen all through the body.

Have a look at some of the major benefit of Vegan BCAA?

  • Fast muscle repair, growth and recovery: Study shows that consuming BCCA after rigorous workout results in enhancement of muscle protein synthesis when compared to those who take drink without BCCA.
  • Decreases muscle soreness and tiredness: Your muscle makes use of BCCA at the time of exercise thereby decreasing its level in the blood. Decreased BCCA results in enhancing tryptophan level that gets converted to serotonin, a chemical that causes fatigues during exercise.
  • Good immunity and proper liver function: A vegan BCCA supplement helps in enhancing the immunity along with providing a good liver function.

Which option is better – protein shakes or the BCCA supplements?

You must be wondering while amino acids help in building protein, then why to take BCCA rather than the protein shakes. Protein supplements indeed help in enhancing the muscle strength but there are some reasons why most people prefer to take BCCA rather than protein supplements. Have a look at the difference between these two which would make you understand why BCCA supplement is more beneficial.

Protein supplements: Protein powders are known to provide all 20 amino acids.  They supply varied amino acids that are not all essential for maintaining the muscle strength. These are necessary for those people who are struggling to get their daily recommendation of proteins. They can have protein powders which are low in fat and low in carbohydratescarb. It isThese are completely safe for consumption.

BCCA supplements: BCCA supplements in contrast to protein powders contain only three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are the three amino acids required for building muscles. Thus, BCCAs are more nutritious as their ingredients focus more on sports performance. Because they are made of three important amino acids, BCCA supplements are not required to pack formulas into big scoops. There is no requirement of all junk additives which are usually found in protein powders.

Important things you should avoid while buying Vegan BCCA.

  • You would easily some across vegan BCCA available with an excessive amount of leucine amino acids. You must avoid them as they can cancel out the positive effect of valine and isoleucine.
  • Vegan athletes should pay close attention to products with gelatine and avoid them. Gelatine comes from the connective tissue of pigs and cows.
  • Always choose a supplement that has been made from a plant source.
  • Avoid vegan BCCA supplements with a long list of ingredients other than the three amino acids.

So, if you stick to these tips you can easily find a good vegan BCCA supplement. There are several brands of vegan BCCA available that are 100% vegan and do not sacrifice the quality.

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