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Today's Silent Medical Revolution:
Finally, Getting the Big Picture!

© 2008 Thomas Bond, All Rights Reserved

A silent revolution is happening in the medical industry. Your personal doctor should be reading about it every day in his medical journals. Almost everything your doctor learned in medical school is effected by this silent revolution. New breakthroughs in scientific medical research have shaken the very foundations of current medical practice. Things are changing so rapidly that most doctors are still unsure about exactly what these new findings mean for their patients. Many doctors are simply refusing to change therapies to match latest findings, and some have actually stopped reading the journals that are publishing these revelations. Revolutionary changes in the understanding of what causes and improves modern diseases mean a lot of work for already over-worked physicians.

Even though today's silent medical revolution is bad news for over-worked doctors, it is good news for you!

Chances are, you haven't heard anything about the silent revolution... yet. The Level 1 Weight Loss Diet and Health Program is designed to inform you about this silent revolution, and to help you use today's revolutionary scientific medical research breakthroughs to prevent, improve or even reverse most of today's deadly diseases.

Revolutionary Facts:

  1. Most common degenerative, non-infectious, non-inherited diseases, including many childhood diseases and most mid-life and old-age conditions, are actually associated with and often caused by ONE common underlying condition, which is now identified as "The Insulin Resistance Syndrome" or IRS. (See a partial list of the IRS associated diseases and conditions on our page - Are You Insulin Resistant?.)

  2. Insulin Resistance Syndrome can be detected and evaluated by simple, affordable blood tests in every doctor's office.

  3. Insulin Resistance Syndrome can be improved and often actually reversed by simple, easy-to-follow dietary and lifestyle changes as detailed in Foods to Eat on the Level 1 Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and Foods to Avoid on the Level 1 Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

  4. Today's Doctor is usually poorly educated in the complex issues relating to evaluating metabolic diseases and IRS.

  5. Today's medical insurance compensation system is based on an outmoded and outdated model of disease and treatment - running 10 to 20 years behind scientific research. As a result, your Doctor is not paid to provide the treatment you actually need.

  6. Your Doctor is paid to detect well defined symptoms or conditions, and to prescribe drugs for that problem. One problem, one drug, one payment.

  7. Today's Doctor is truly underpaid by the medical system. He has heavy expenses, long waits for payments, and usually must negotiate to receive only a partial payment of his bill from the insurance agency. He must therefore try to increase the number of patients he sees per day, and spend less time with them. And, he has NO TIME to spend reading the thousands of scientific reports and breakthroughs happening every month.

  8. As a result, YOU HAVE TO TAKE CHARGE of your own health program, assisting your Doctor as much as possible. He cannot do the job for you. You need to educate yourself, and to take fast, consistent action to ensure the highest level of health maintenance. We have designed the Level 1 Weight Loss and Health Program to make that easier for you.

* All information on Level1Diet.com is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before changing your diet, or adding supplements to your diet, or beginning an exercise program, everyone should consult a qualified and licensed health practitioner; a physician, dietician or similar professional.

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