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Weight Loss Updates: Today's News About Obesity, Losing Weight, Weight Loss Diets, Dieting Plans and Programs

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"Acyl and Total Ghrelin Are Suppressed Strongly by Ingested Proteins, Weakly by Lipids, and Biphasically by Carbohydrates."

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Jan. 15, 2008
by Dr. Karen Foster-Schubert, et al.

Context Ghrelin is an orexigenic hormone that can increase body weight. Its circulating levels rise before meals and are suppressed following food ingestion. Understanding the effects of specific types of ingested macronutrients on ghrelin regulation could facilitate design of weight-reducing diets. Objective We sought to understand how ingestion of carbohydrates, proteins, or lipids affect acyl (bioactive) and total ghrelin levels among human subjects, hypothesizing that lipids might suppress ghrelin levels less effectively than do either carbohydrates or proteins. Design Randomized, within-subjects cross-over study Setting University Clinical Research Center Participants 16 healthy human subjects Interventions Administration of isocaloric, isovolemic beverages composed primarily of carbohydrates, proteins, or lipids Main Outcome Measures Magnitude of postprandial suppression of total and acyl ghrelin levels (measured with a novel acyl-selective, two-site ELISA) Results All beverages suppressed plasma acyl and total ghrelin levels. A significant effect of macronutrient class on decremental area-under-the-curve for both acyl and total ghrelin was observed; the rank order for magnitude of suppression was protein > carbohydrate > lipid. Total ghrelin nadir levels were significantly lower following both carbohydrate and protein, compared to lipid beverages. In the first 3 postprandial hours, the rank order for acyl and total ghrelin suppression was carbohydrate > protein > lipid. In the subsequent 3 h, there was a marked rebound above preprandial values of acyl and total ghrelin after carbohydrate ingestion alone. Conclusions: These findings suggest possible mechanisms contributing to the effects of high-protein/low-carbohydrate diets to promote weight loss, and high-fat diets to promote weight gain (Abstract e-Published ahead of April, 2008 Journal Publication) ... More »

Weight-loss group participants report dropping 106 pounds

Birmingham News - Birmingham, AL, USA
They typically communicate via e-mail, where they share successes, recipes and tips, and reach out to each other when they've fallen off the weight-loss ... More »

Tobey certified in weight loss surgery - New Bedford, MA, USA
WAREHAM - Tobey Hospital's weight loss surgery program has become the second in Massachusetts to receive certification as a "Center of Excellence" from the ... More »

Local support group provides encouragement for people who have had obesity surgery...

Journal Gazette and Times-Courier - Charleston, IL, USA
A group called "Life Support After Weight Loss Surgery" was conceived by Greenwood and Mary Lou Randolph, who also had gastric bypass surgery in August 2005 ... More »

Mayors host weight loss challenge

Greensboro News Record - Greensboro, NC, USA
At High Point Regional Hospital, a new Regional Institute for Weight Loss will combine several programs already under way, including an existing fitness ... More »

Ontario opens more spots for weight-loss surgery

CBC Ottawa - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Research suggests the surgery is one of the most successful methods for long-term weight loss in obese people, who lose an average of 77 pounds. ... More »

Diet Mistakes Can Derail Weight Loss

KDKA - Pittsburg, PA, USA
What they don't know is that they could be making a few common mistakes that can actually sabotage their weight loss goals. ... More »

How to avoid Hunger on a Weight Loss Diet

Best Syndication - Pinon Hills, CA, USA
If you have ever been on a weight loss diet, chances are you have experienced the hunger pains that make dieting miserable. There are ways to work your diet ... More »

Green Tea: Weight Loss Wonder? - Tucson, AZ, USA
The question is, is it really a weight loss wonder? Losing weight has become a national obsession. Every week millions of people tune into "The Biggest ... More »

Weight Loss Questions to ask your doctor

Kansas City Star - MO, USA
Before you start a weight-loss program, you need to find out as much as you can about your health needs. Here are some questions for your doctor. ... More »

Video: Gastric bypass surgery for weight loss - USA
Weight loss is achieved by restricting the amount of food that the stomach can hold and by reducing the amount of calories that are absorbed. ... More »

New Book Teaches '$45 Million Babies' How to Lose Weight on a Budget

Newswire Today - London, UK
The first book to tackle weight loss from a financial perspective, Moneywise Weight Loss: The Faith-based Plan for Building a Better Body on a Budget was ... More »

It's official. Wii use can cause weight loss

Washington Post - Washington, DC, USA
DeLorenzo chronicled his progress on his blog at, which includes weight-loss charts and "before" and "after" pictures, as well as shots ... More »

Attorney General cautions against weight-loss scams

Dickson Herald - Dickson, TN, USA
"This is the time of year when many people contemplate positive changes for the future and many consumers make weight loss a top priority," said Robert E. ... More »

Post-Weight Loss Loose Skin Hanging Around

The Common Voice - Greenville, SC, USA
I thought I would send you an email regarding weight loss and the dreaded loose skin afterwards. After skin removal surgery, people seem to be very happy ... More »

Nutritionist presents 30-day weight loss program

The Desert Sun - Palm Springs, CA, USA
She will provide tips on planning meals and explain how people can adopt new weight-loss behaviors and squeeze daily exercise into their hectic lifestyles... More »

New Year's weight loss

Pocono Record - Stroudsburg, PA, USA
Q: Since the beginning of the new year, I have seen multiple advertisements for weight loss products in which they claim 'no exercise is needed. ... More »

Weight loss, diet, nutrition, and food news and information

The Desert Sun - Palm Springs, CA, USA
Certainly malnutrition and starvation have equal, if not greater, consequences for our health than excess weight. And perhaps that‚s the key ... More »

Speed Up Your Weight Loss With Herbs And Spices

Best Syndication - Pinon Hills, CA, USA
I wonder how much it is generally known that the benefits of using herbs and spices can speed up your weight loss efforts, by quite a considerable amount ... More »

Guam at 9:20 am - Weight-loss workshop offered

Pacific Daily News - Hagatna, GU, USA
The Cornerstone Counseling and Wellness Center is offering a Weight Loss Workshop from 9 to 11 am tomorrow. It costs $25 per person or $45 for two ... More »

Living Smart: Ditch the diet myths, lose the weight

Green Valley News - Green Valley, AZ, USA
Diet sodas aid weight loss. While I do enjoy a diet cola, as far as I know there is no scientific evidence that shows that diet sodas help you lose weight. ... More »

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