Things they don’t tell you about CBD

Unless you live in the bush, you know about CBD. With so much hype about it in the world today, everyone wants to try and get some benefits of better sleep, anxiety relief, and treating inflammation. Although CBD cannot save you from diseases like cancer, it relieves you of the effects like pain. That’s why the buzz around the CBD products is growing by the day. 

Why the obsession about CBD? It’s adaptability to some trend-forward products like vape pens, vegan cupcakes, and coconut sugar-sweetened lattes is the main reason for the bolstered appeal. 

But what are those things they have not told you about CBD?

CBD is one compound

The cannabinoid (CBD) is made of 113 cannabinoid compounds discovered in the marijuana plant. CBD supplements and oils are concentrated with several versions of cannabidiol. Studies also show that the compound affects the body. 

CBD affects your body and brain

There are types of cannabinoids that are produced in the body naturally. These interact with specific chemical receptors -CB1 receptors that are concentrated in the nervous system and CB2 receptors common in the tissue of the immune and digestive systems but less prevalent in the brain. CBD influences the receptors to attach to the body’s natural cannabinoids though there’s not much research to back that information up. 

CBD has links to inflammation

The receptors CB1 and CB2 are related to some inflammatory responses in the body, and whatever happens between the CBD and the receptor helps modulate inflammation. Several things bring inflammation like drinking much alcohol, emotional stress, and is also a symptom of some other health issues. Thus CBD has been touted as a miracle drug that can prevent several diseases. 

All said and done; no CBD product can make a medical health claim. All we have are studies and suggestions, most of which have worked. 

Many people go for CBD to treat anxiety

Research has shown that CBD can treat anxiety, and there are anecdotal accounts that swear to that. And some preliminary investigation indicates that CBD has potential for mitigating symptoms. Doctors have also warned that those with anxiety should not ingest THC because it can trigger paranoia. However, those with such issues can use a purer form of CBD from Dispensaries Open near you, especially those suffering from an anxiety disorder. 

CBD can’t get you high

CBD, a compound found in cannabis, is different from THC, and the effects are also different. THC possesses psychoactive properties. However, CBD doesn’t have THC contents.

CBD could be hiding THC

How do you tell if there is THC in a CBD product? The federal law requires that THC’s content shouldn’t be more than 0.3% in a CBD labeled product. Often, there will be some traces of THC but not very useful. However, for you to get a CBD product with the right THC content, you have to buy it from reputable Dispensaries. Getting it from unregulated dealers could mess you in a big way, and the effects are unimaginable.

Post Author: Violet

Violet Rae Murphy: Violet, a biotech analyst, covers advances in health technology, biotech innovations, and the future of personalized medicine.