The Ultimate New Year Hangover Solution

Although drinking on a new year’s night is permissible, not taking proper care of your body the following day is unforgivable! No one wants to start the New Year feeling hung-over. Thankfully, there are some easy and natural ways to quickly get a hangover remedy. When alcohol enters a body, it drains the system of all liquids by forcing the drinker to urinate several times. Hence, drinking loads of water the next day is an absolute must. Your body will also be low on electrolytes, so consider drinking electrolyte-rich drinks like coconut water or Gatorade. A natural drink like coconut water is much healthier than energy drinks.

Now that your body has found some form of restoration, it’s time to cure your stomach of any type of inflammation. Ginger is great at calming down the stomach, reducing the risk of acid build-up. Either drink a glass of ginger root and lemon juice or make some ginger tea with honey – drinking this is better than taking an over the counter pharmaceutical hangover medicine as there are no side effects involved. Drinking vitamin-rich juices is also an effective way of revitalizing your body. Once your stomach is calm, it is time to restore your energy levels by eating mineral-rich foods.

Having a breakfast full of carbohydrates and minerals is a must. If you don’t feel like eating, at least make a healthy mixed fruit shake and drink it, so your body isn’t deprived of essential vitamins and minerals. Eggs and bananas are the two best food items guaranteed to deliver a quick hangover solution. Eggs contain amino acids that are necessary for breaking down the harmful toxins alcohol introduces to your body. Alcohol also thins down your blood, reducing blood sugar levels. So, make sure your diet has carbohydrates and sugary foods like bread and sweet fruits like pomegranates or cherries.

Post Author: Violet

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