Taking Care of the Baby Teeth

As soon as a baby’s first teeth grow, it’s important to take care of them. They have not yet developed all their defenses. This is why a toothbrush specially designed for babies should be preferred. All you need to know to choose a baby toothbrush.

To choose your baby toothbrush: always favor soft-bristle models

Of course, your child’s gums are still fragile. Brushing teeth can be unpleasant for him. The solution: choose a model with the softest hair possible. Most inexpensive baby toothbrushes have this feature. Nevertheless, you can go further, including choosing a baby toothbrush imitating a finger. This brings extra comfort to the little one. A visit to www.nicersmile.com will make things perfect now.

Toothbrush for baby: Ozuar Bear Pink

Many are rechargeable baby toothbrushes, or whose heads are replaceable. Ozuar’s baby toothbrush looks cute with its little pink bear. It comes with three different heads, each with its own function. The whole is guaranteed nontoxic and BPA free. From 0 to 3 years, it is possible to clean the teeth, stimulate their growth or massage the gums. All this contributes to the comfort of brushing, while allowing easy access to every corner of the mouth.

To choose your baby’s toothbrush: learn the right actions for your child with a model he or she likes

It is important to brush your teeth, whether you are a child or an adult. To teach this to your baby, always choose a silicone baby toothbrush that is easy to use. A cute design is a boost not to neglect to encourage your child to take the good reflexes. But you can also favor original or innovative elements. An electric toothbrush will be perfect for this.

Toothbrush for babies: Braun Oral-B Stages Power Cars

There is nothing better to interest a child than to bring him closer to the universe he appreciates. The Braun Oral-B Stages Power Cars baby toothbrush is now back to the cartoon one. It is an electric toothbrush for children from 5 years. With its rotary movement (up to 7,600 rotations / minute), it cleans perfectly and amuses the little ones. In addition, this brush has a Squish handle designed for a good grip. The incentive to take good habits is complete! Note that Oral-B offers other models with the image of many opus and heroes of the Disney family: Star Wars, the Snow Queen, Mickey Mouse.

Last Words

As its name suggests, this Oral-B electric toothbrush is specifically designed for teenagers to make them aware of brushing their teeth. Like the Junior, it brings a pedagogical and fun dimension, especially with its trendy zebra sleeve. Like the Oral-B Genius 10000N, the Oral-B Teen is equipped with a pressure sensor, so as not to apply too much pressure on the teeth. And like her counterpart, she can connect in Bluetooth. Easy to use, it consists of two LED buttons indicating whether the battery is low or charging. The teen audience will certainly appreciate the Bluetooth-connected app, featuring a news feed with videos, anecdotes and a personalized calendar showing brushing statistics. Incentives are given as such to encourage brushing teeth. Finally, unlike the Oral-B Junior, three brushing modes are proposed and the user can also have access to a “Fun zone” brightening the brushing ritual with augmented reality effects. Only caveats: the long charging time, the lack of a transport box and the lack of a motion sensor.

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