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1. Stock trading using RSPOP: a novel rough set-based neuro-fuzzy approach.
Match Strength: 5.494

This paper investigates the method of forecasting stock price difference on artificially generated price series data using neuro-fuzzy systems and neural networks. As trading profits is more important to an investor than statistical performance, this paper proposes a novel rough set-based neuro-fuzzy stock trading decision model called stock trading using rough set-based pseudo outer-product (RSPOP) which synergizes the price difference forecast method with a forecast bottleneck free trading decision model. The proposed stock trading with forecast model uses the pseudo outer-product based ... Read More »
» Published in IEEE Trans Neural Netw. 2006 Sep;17(5):1301-15.

2. Economic manifestations of opiate addiction: Evidence from historical data from colonial Indonesia.
Match Strength: 5.480

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate, using an example, the utility of historical data to illuminate important questions in the field of drug dependence research. The literature on the consumption of addictive substances often characterizes users as being one of two types: "addicts" and "casual users." An econometric characterization of the responses of opium consumers in the late-colonial Netherlands Indies to changes in the price of opium and other important variables is provided, which explicitly acknowledges the existence of different types of opium smokers, as modeled in the underlying ... Read More »
» Published in Drug Alcohol Depend. 2006 Sep 16;

3. Ocular autoimmunity: the price of privilege?
Match Strength: 5.019

The eye is the prototypic immune-privileged organ. Its antigens were once believed to be expressed exclusively in the eye, which resides behind an efficient blood-organ barrier, and were believed to be unknown to the immune system. Self-tolerance to ocular components was therefore believed to be based not on immune tolerance but on immune ignorance. It is now known that the relationship between the immune system and the eye is much more complex. On the one hand, immune privilege is now known to involve not only sequestration but also active mechanisms that (i) inhibit innate and adaptive ... Read More »
» Published in Immunol Rev. 2006 Oct;213:23-35.

4. ERISA and hospital charges: granting an inch, not a mile.
Match Strength: 4.393

Some claims review services" have cited ERISA as an authority allowing an ERISA plan administrator to reduce a hospital's billed charges based on "the reasonable value of services." However, nothing in ERISA allows a plan administrator to change the terms of a contract between a payer and a provider, or places any limitations on the structure or price of hospital charges ... Read More »
» Published in Healthc Financ Manage. 2006 Sep;60(9):56-8.

5. Re-shaping the T cell repertoire: TCR editing and TCR revision for good and for bad.
Match Strength: 3.175

Protection against the universe of pathogens requires a functional, diverse T cell repertoire. However, the price that is paid for an evolved, effective immune system includes the potential danger of generating autoaggressive T cells. Autoimmune diseases result from inherent breach of tolerance to self-antigens leading to disruption of the regulatory to autoaggressive T cell homeostatic balance. The immune system has evolved mechanisms to control those processes. For T cells, positive and negative selection in the thymus assures that only fully functional, non-self-reactive T cells will ... Read More »
» Published in Clin Immunol. 2006 Sep 19;

6. Commercial mesh versus Nylon mosquito net for hernia repair. A randomized double-blind study in Burkina Faso.
Match Strength: 2.832

PURPOSE: The goal of this study was to investigate whether locally available Nylon mosquito net might be a useful alternative to expensive commercial mesh implants for hernia repair, a clinical randomized double-blind study was performed. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Over a period of 3 months 35 patients with a total of 40 inguinal hernias were randomized for hernia repair with either a commercial graft (Ultrapro) or a piece of sterilized 100% Nylon mesh available as mosquito net in most African village markets. The surgeons' comfort in handling the meshes, the incidence of complications, and the ... Read More »
» Published in World J Surg. 2006 Oct;30(10):1784-9; dicussion 1790.

7. The advent of international 'mail-order' egg donation.
Match Strength: 2.764

The rising demand and increasing scarcity of donor oocytes in developed countries have led to some fertility clinics sourcing oocyte donors from abroad, particularly from poorer countries, in what is referred to as 'transnational' or 'international' oocyte donation. In a further new 'twist' to this scheme, frozen sperm of the recipient's male partner is exported abroad through courier mail and is used to fertilise donor oocytes in a foreign clinic to produce embryos, which are then cryopreserved and imported back by mail for transfer to the woman. There are numerous ethical concerns with ... Read More »
» Published in BJOG. 2006 Nov;113(11):1225-7. Epub 2006 Sep 15.

8. Smokers' beliefs and attitudes about purchasing cigarettes on the Internet.
Match Strength: 2.549

OBJECTIVES: Our objectives were to explore qualitatively how smokers find out about Internet cigarette sales and what factors motivate them to purchase cigarettes on-line, and to quantitatively describe the Internet cigarette purchasing behaviors and attitudes of Internet cigarette buyers. METHODS: Qualitative in-depth telephone interviews were conducted with 21 adult smokers who had purchased or contemplated purchasing cigarettes online. Findings from the qualitative study were used to develop a survey module on Internet cigarette purchasing behavior that was administered to 187 New Jersey ... Read More »
» Published in Public Health Rep. 2006 Sep-Oct;121(5):594-602.

9. Development and use of an attenuated total reflectance/fourier transform infrared (ATR/FT-IR) spectral database to identify foreign matter in cotton.
Match Strength: 2.445

The presence of foreign matter in cotton seriously affects the cotton grade and thus the price per bale paid by the spinner to the grower, the efficiency of the spinning and ginning operations, and the quality of the final woven product. Rapid identification of the nature of the extraneous matter in cotton at each stage of cleaning and processing is necessary to permit actions to eliminate or reduce its presence and improve efficiency and quality. Although several instruments are being successfully employed for the measurement of contamination in cotton fibers based on particle size/weight, no ... Read More »
» Published in J Agric Food Chem. 2006 Oct 4;54(20):7405-12.

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