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1. Cost-sharing for emergency care and unfavorable clinical events: findings from the safety and financial ramifications of ED copayments study.
Match Strength: 5.409

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of emergency department (ED) copayment levels on ED use and unfavorable clinical events. Data Source/Study Setting. Kaiser Permanente-Northern California (KPNC), a prepaid integrated delivery system. STUDY DESIGN: In a quasi-experimental longitudinal study with concurrent controls, we estimated rates of ED visits, hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths associated with higher ED copayments relative to no copayment, using Poisson random effects and proportional hazard models, controlling for patient characteristics. The study period began in January 1999; ... Read More »
» Published in Health Serv Res. 2006 Oct;41(5):1801-20.

2. Trends in diagnostic imaging utilization in a university hospital in Turkey.
Match Strength: 5.005

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate utilization trends of the diagnostic imaging examinations during the past decade in a university hospital in Turkey. METHODS: Patient registries of a university hospital were used for the years 1995 and 2003. The data set consisted of patients' admissions, social security status, and diagnostic imaging tests. RESULTS: When compared with 1995 data, the total number of diagnostic imaging examinations and patient admissions increased 65.9 percent and 81.6 percent, respectively, in the year 2003. Although the total number of diagnostic imaging ... Read More »
» Published in Int J Technol Assess Health Care. 2006 Fall;22(4):532-6.

3. The importance of colonoscopy in colorectal surgeons' practices: results of a survey.
Match Strength: 4.944

PURPOSE: The role of colonoscopy in the prevention of colorectal cancer has been accepted, not only by the medical community but by the federal government as well. This study sought to document the current role of colonoscopy in the practices of colorectal surgeons. METHODS: A survey was mailed to members of The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons detailing the scope of colonoscopy in their practices. RESULTS: Surveys were mailed to 1,800 members of The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons; responses were received from 778 (43.2 percent). The mean age was 48 +/- 10 (range, ... Read More »
» Published in Dis Colon Rectum. 2006 Nov;49(11):1763-7.

4. Preoperative chemoradiotherapy with concomitant small field boost irradiation for locally advanced rectal cancer: a multi-institutional phase II study (KROG 04-01).
Match Strength: 4.908

PURPOSE: This study was designed to determine the effect of concomitant small field boost irradiation given during preoperative chemoradiotherapy for patients with locally advanced rectal cancer. METHODS: The study prospectively enrolled 38 patients scheduled for preoperative chemoradiotherapy. Pelvic radiotherapy of 43.2 Gy/24 fractions was delivered and boost radiotherapy of 7.2 Gy/12 fractions was concomitantly administered during the latter half of the pelvic radiotherapy treatment period. Two cycles of a bolus 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin injection in the first and fifth weeks of ... Read More »
» Published in Dis Colon Rectum. 2006 Nov;49(11):1684-91.

5. Survey on the involvement of consumers in health technology assessment programs.
Match Strength: 4.874

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to obtain information from members of the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA) on their involvement of consumers (patients, carers, and related organizations) in their programs. METHODS: A questionnaire for a survey was developed and sent to member agencies in October 2005. RESULTS: Of the thirty-seven agencies that provided responses, 57 percent involve consumers in some aspects of their HTA programs and 83 percent intend to involve consumers in the future. Summaries of HTA reports that are intended to be easily ... Read More »
» Published in Int J Technol Assess Health Care. 2006 Fall;22(4):497-9.

6. Cost of home and hospital care for patients with cystic fibrosis followed up in two reference medical centers in France.
Match Strength: 4.206

OBJECTIVES: In France, new guidelines for clinical practices concerning cystic fibrosis came out in 2002, underscoring the need for early and intensive management of this disease. Because no recent health economic studies on cystic fibrosis in France were available, we conducted a cost-analysis study before the new guidelines were put into practice, with a view to a later study on the medical and economic impact of these guidelines. METHODS: A cost-analysis study was performed of the inpatient and outpatient costs of patients with cystic fibrosis for the 2000-2001 period. The various direct ... Read More »
» Published in Int J Technol Assess Health Care. 2006 Fall;22(4):525-31.

7. Sinus excision for the treatment of limited chronic pilonidal disease: results after a medium-term follow-up.
Match Strength: 4.117

PURPOSE: We have previously introduced a minimally invasive technique for the treatment of limited pilonidal disease. In this paper, the results for patients who had at least one year of follow-up are provided. METHODS: All patients operated with the sinus excision technique were studied retrospectively and those who had a follow-up period shorter than 12 months were excluded. Demographics, perioperative and postoperative data, and patient satisfaction scores were obtained from a prospectively designed database. Limited pilonidal disease was defined as disease presenting with less than four ... Read More »
» Published in Dis Colon Rectum. 2006 Nov;49(11):1758-62.

8. Comparison of 18S ribosomal RNA gene sequences of Eurytrema coelmaticum and Eurytrema pancreaticum.
Match Strength: 4.010

The partial 18S rRNA sequences of E. coelmaticum and E. pancreaticum were amplified using conserved primers and an evolutionary tree was constructed using Neighbor-Joining. The percent identity of Eurytrema species with other Dicrocoeliidae varied from 97.5 to 98.2, while the percent identity between the two Eurytrema species was up to 99.3. The tree showed that E. coelmaticum and E. pancreaticum were not situated in the same position, and they formed one cluster with L. collurioni. These results support a confirmation with molecular data that E. coelomaticum and E. pancreaticum are different ... Read More »
» Published in Parasitol Res. 2007 Feb;100(3):645-6. Epub 2006 Sep 27.

9. Ethnic and geographic differences in mammographic density and their association with breast cancer incidence.
Match Strength: 4.010

The objective of this pooled analysis was to compare differences in dense areas and percent mammographic densities to breast cancer incidence in populations at different breast cancer risk. The data set included 1,327 women aged 40-80: Caucasians from Norway, Arizona, and Hawaii, Japanese from Hawaii and Japan, Latina from Arizona, and Native Hawaiians from Hawaii. One reader performed computer-assisted quantitative density assessment for all mammographic films. Multiple linear regression models evaluated the influence of the covariates on breast density. Spearman correlation coefficients (r ... Read More »
» Published in Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2006 Sep 29;

10. Percutaneous CT scan-guided drainage vs. antibiotherapy alone for Hinchey II diverticulitis: a case-control study.
Match Strength: 3.974

PURPOSE: CT-scan-guided percutaneous abscess drainage of Hinchey Stage II diverticulitis is considered the best initial approach to treat conservatively the abscess and to subsequently perform an elective sigmoidectomy. However, drainage is not always technically feasible, may expose the patient to additional morbidity, and has not been critically evaluated in this indication. This study was undertaken to compare the results of percutaneous drainage vs. antibiotic therapy alone in patients with Hinchey II diverticulitis. METHODS: This was a case-control study of all patients who presented in ... Read More »
» Published in Dis Colon Rectum. 2006 Oct;49(10):1533-8.

11. Adult intussusception: a retrospective review.
Match Strength: 3.895

PURPOSE: Whereas intussusception is relatively common in children, it is clinically rare in adults. The condition is usually secondary to a definable lesion. This study was designed to review adult intussusception, including presentation, diagnosis, and optimal treatment. METHODS: A retrospective review of 22 cases of intussusception occurring in individuals older than aged 18 years encountered at two university-affiliated hospitals in Winnipeg between 1989 and 2000. The 22 cases were divided to benign and malignant enteric, ileocolic, colonic lesions respectively. The diagnosis and treatment ... Read More »
» Published in Dis Colon Rectum. 2006 Oct;49(10):1546-51.

12. The impact of the popular media on cosmetic dentistry.
Match Strength: 3.856

The popular media's influence on social norms with respect to people's appearance is likely to have played a part in the recent growth of cosmetic dentistry. AIMS: This study was designed to investigate the manner in which the popular media have affected the perception and delivery of aesthetic dentistry in New Zealand. METHODS: A nationwide survey was posted to a random sample of 600 general dental practitioners (GDPs) requesting sociodemographic details and information on the types of aesthetic dental procedures provided and the demand for those. Information was also sought on GDPs' ... Read More »
» Published in N Z Dent J. 2006 Sep;102(3):58-63.

13. Disseminating evidence from health technology assessment: the case of tobacco prevention.
Match Strength: 3.850

OBJECTIVES: The aims of the present study were to investigate the awareness among dentists and dental hygienists of evidence-based reports and guidelines on tobacco cessation activities and the impact these publications had on clinical practice. METHODS: A questionnaire was mailed to dental hygienists and dentists in Stockholm County, Sweden, and the results were compared with a previous investigation. RESULTS: Among the respondents, awareness of a popular science version of a systematic review on smoking and its effect on oral health was reported by 90 percent of the hygienists and 66 percent ... Read More »
» Published in Int J Technol Assess Health Care. 2006 Fall;22(4):500-5.

14. The CD4(+) regulatory T-cells is decreased in adults with latent autoimmune diabetes.
Match Strength: 3.767

The latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) is a subgroup of type 1 diabetes, which procession of autoimmune destruction of beta-cells was slower than classic type 1 diabetes. To investigate the pathogenesis of LADA, we examined the lymphocyte subsets including the CD4(+)CD25(+) T-cells in 60 LADA patients and 30 patients of type 2 diabetes and 30 healthy individuals by FACS. And we compared the expression of FOXP3 mRNA in CD4(+) T-cell between 10 patients of LADA and 10 matched healthy individuals by real time PCR. The percent of CD4(+)CD25(+) T-cells were higher (11.89+/-4.96% versus 8 ... Read More »
» Published in Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2006 Sep 25;

15. Racial/ethnic and socioeconomic status differences in overweight and health-related behaviors among American students: national trends 1986-2003.
Match Strength: 3.712

PURPOSE: This article reports long-term trends by race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status (SES) in the percent of American students who are overweight and who engage in three health-related behaviors hypothesized to be associated with overweight. METHODS: Data are from the Monitoring the Future annual surveys, using nationally representative samples of eighth, 10th, and 12th grade students. Participants include 62,156 eighth and 64,899 10th graders who completed the 1993-2003 surveys and 35,107 12th graders who completed the questionnaire form containing the measures pertaining to this study ... Read More »
» Published in J Adolesc Health. 2006 Oct;39(4):536-45. Epub 2006 Jul 10.

16. Efficacy of anal fistula plug in closure of Crohn's anorectal fistulas.
Match Strength: 3.685

PURPOSE: The efficacy of Surgisis anal fistula plug in closure of Crohn's anorectal fistula was studied. METHODS: Patients with Crohn's anorectal fistulas were prospectively studied. Diagnosis was made by histologic, radiographic, or endoscopic criteria. Variables recorded were: number of fistula tracts (primary openings), presence of setons, and current antitumor necrosis factor therapy. Under general anesthesia and in prone jackknife position, patients underwent irrigation of the fistula tract by using hydrogen peroxide. Each primary opening was occluded by using a Surgisis anal fistula plug ... Read More »
» Published in Dis Colon Rectum. 2006 Oct;49(10):1569-73.

17. Estimating average annual percent change for disease rates without assuming constant change.
Match Strength: 3.540

The annual percent change (APC) is often used to measure trends in disease and mortality rates, and a common estimator of this parameter uses a linear model on the log of the age-standardized rates. Under the assumption of linearity on the log scale, which is equivalent to a constant change assumption, APC can be equivalently defined in three ways as transformations of either (1) the slope of the line that runs through the log of each rate, (2) the ratio of the last rate to the first rate in the series, or (3) the geometric mean of the proportional changes in the rates over the series. When ... Read More »
» Published in Biometrics. 2006 Sep;62(3):847-54.

18. Doing mini-health technology assessments in hospitals: a new concept of decision support in health care?
Match Strength: 3.489

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this project was to evaluate local decision support tools used in the Danish hospital sector from a theoretical and an empirical point of view. METHODS: The use of local decision support was evaluated through questionnaires sent to all county health directors, all hospital managers, and all heads of clinical departments in cardiology, orthopedic surgery, and intensive care. In addition, respondents were asked to submit whatever decision support tools they were using (including mini-HTAs, other forms or checklists, and special procedures for decision making concerning ... Read More »
» Published in Int J Technol Assess Health Care. 2006 Summer;22(3):295-301.

19. Clinical and subclinical leaks after low colorectal anastomosis: a clinical and radiologic study.
Match Strength: 3.475

PURPOSE: This study was designed to examine the natural history of subclinical leaks and their effect on bowel function and quality of life and to evaluate water-soluble contrast enema features that predict anastomotic healing after leaks. METHODS: Consecutive patients who underwent low rectal anastomosis were followed up postoperatively for leaks. All leaks were confirmed radiologically with CT scanning and water-soluble contrast enema imaging. Water-soluble contrast enemas were serially repeated to identify healing. Characteristics on initial water-soluble contrast enema were correlated with ... Read More »
» Published in Dis Colon Rectum. 2006 Oct;49(10):1611-9.

20. Crowd-in: the effect of private health insurance markets on the demand for Medicaid.
Match Strength: 3.462

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of local labor market conditions and the availability of employer-sponsored health insurance on exits from the Medicaid program. DATA SOURCE: Data for this project come from a unique administrative database containing a 2 percent sample of all cases on California's Medicaid program in 1987 and a 2 percent sample of all new cases starting each year between 1987 and 1995. STUDY DESIGN: The results are estimated using a discrete duration model where the monthly exit probability is a function of demographic characteristics, local labor market variables, the ... Read More »
» Published in Health Serv Res. 2006 Oct;41(5):1762-81.

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