Four Things You Ought To Know About Medical Assistant Training

According to WEB Du Bois, “Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develops men”. It only follows that a school or a program must be comprehensive enough to train the students so that when the students are already in the real world, performing their duties, they are confident on what they are doing. The same with health care jobs like medical assisting. The medical assistants deal everyday with human lives. It is vital that they are well equipped with not just the knowledge and theories but also with the necessary skills. With that said, finding a good training ground in this career is very crucial. To understand more about this training, here are some important guidelines.

Formal Training Is Not Mandatory

In this kind of healthcare, formal training although preferred, is not mandatory. There are hospitals that train medical assistants when they are already hired. Applicants must only prepare their high school diploma or a GED equivalent. The suggested high school courses and skills are math, biology, health, typing, bookkeeping, computers, and basic office skills. On the other hand, there are hospitals that are requiring applicants to be certified. Certification also is not mandatory. But being certified will give you an edge over other hopeful applicants. If you have volunteered experience in the health care setting, it will also give you a great advantage.

Find A Good Medical Assisting School That Is Offering Externship And Training

Yes, there are so many schools today that are offering promising good training and educational background for aspiring medical assistants. In line with this, it is important to look for a school that teaches the basic medical principles like pharmacology, laboratory procedures and anatomy and physiology. Also find those institutions that are offering externship programs. Externship programs are intended to give students the practical experience in this kind of healthcare. The classroom setup is very different from experiencing the medical assisting industry first hand. In externship programs, students can learn and at the same time work with doctors, nurses and other medical assistants in the hospitals and clinical setting. The trainings will help you to have a clear understanding in assisting medical doctors during actual medical examination and procedures.

Moreover, a good school will give you first hand access to the different hospital machines and other electronics like the ECG monitoring machine. Also, you will be trained on the different assessment procedures and first aid care.

The Dangers of Eating Overcooked Food

Overcooking food is a way to cause metabolic overload and upset body chemistry. All foods are made up of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen in various chemical configurations. Our enzymes have evolved since the days of the caveman to digest foods in certain configurations. But when food is cooked at a high temperature, it passes what we call the heat labile point, which means that it changes its chemical configuration. Our enzymes don’t know what to do with this overcooked food. We do not have evolutionary enzymes to digest it efficiently.

Since our enzymes cannot digest overcooked food very well, some of it does not digest at all. It sits partially digested in the gut and starts to putrify, or rot. This food purification irritates the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract. The cells widen and the undigested food gets into the bloodstream where it can cause problems.

A study was done to find out how well different forms of calcium were absorbed. Pasteurized whole milk, dried whole milk, and homogenized whole milk were tested. It was found that the calcium in the dried milk preparation was definitely less well utilized. Why? Dried milk is prepared by pouring milk over stainless steel rolling drums that have been heated to a very high temperature. As the milk hits the drums, it loses its moisture. Small flakes drop off the drum and become dried milk. This is definitely overcooking.

In another study, researchers Barbara Schneeman and George Dunaif at the University of California, Davis, examined the browning reaction in food and how this usually produced better taste, but less efficient digestibility. For four weeks, they fed laboratory rats nonfat milk as their only source of protein. One group of rats received unheated milk. A second group ingested milk heated to a light brown at 121° C. The third group was given milk cooked to a cocoa brown.

Rats given the unheated milk thrived. They grew and gained weight. Rats given the light-brown milk failed to gain weight. Rats given the cocoa-brown milk took in less food and lost weight. The researchers discovered that browned proteins stay longer in the stomach, indicating poor digestibility and poor absorption. This research indicates that drinking milk in its raw form is the best.

Fried foods are particularly dangerous. When a food is fried and becomes brown, the chemical configuration of the food changes and our enzymes are less capable of digesting it. This food gets into the bloodstream, undigested. The fat used to fry the food can clog the arteries as well as upset the body chemistry.

When foods are deep fried-whether they be potatoes, shrimp, carrots, or chicken-a vat of oil is heated to a very high temperature, far above the heat labile point. Then food is dropped into this vat and fried. Afterwards, the vat of oil is cooled down. This same vat is usually heated up again to cook more food. The fat used can quickly become rancid. We do not have enzymes to digest rancid fats, and the body chemistry becomes upset once again.

Why Should You Switch To Raw Dog Food

Pet owners have been desperately seeking for the best way to feed their dogs the healthiest possible food they can get. Being much more paranoid due to the wide recall of dog food products in 2007 by big pet food brands in the market these owners started jumping from one canine diet option to another.

And the best choice, so far, is personally preparing dog food for their beloved pets. Others may consider it as more troublesome for it really requires much effort. You would need to make sure that you will be serving your dog a meal that meets all his dietary needs but it certainly is much more beneficial for your dog as you would know what exactly he is feeding on.

Homemade dog foods are further categorized into different groups; one of which is the raw dog food or as what has been coined by dog care specialists as BARF which is short for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. While it may seem dangerous to feed your dog raw foods due to possible bacterial contamination it is good to have in mind that these animals are born carnivorous. And besides, these animals have been in this planet longer than we humans have.

They never needed our help then in cooking foods for them. They eat raw meat from dead animals or even hunt down their own prey. They even probably fed on fallen fruits and vegetables. They fed on whatever food they can eat on the ground however, as a responsible and totally loving dog owner we would not of course let our pets just live like wild dogs. What point am I try to make then? I just would want to say that with a healthy body, dogs can handle bacteria like Salmonella or E. coli because their saliva has a kind of enzyme called lysozyme designed to kill bacteria. In relation to this, a dog’s stomach produces certain enzymes with high concentration of acidity designed for the same purpose. A raw food diet is a specially prepared dog meal composed of fresh ingredients which are well-hydrated and of course raw. Ingredients like meat and vegetables still contain juices, enzymes and amino acids that have not been tainted by cooking.

Many dog owners have attested to the advantages of switching to raw dog food. Below are some of the advantages of feeding your dog raw food:

-cleaner teeth; feeding your dog raw food lessens the buildup of tartar thus eliminating bad breath

-shiny coat and less shedding of hair; itchy skin conditions caused by allergies are also avoided

-firmer stool which only means one thing: better digestion

-raw dog food is believed to boost the immune system

Implementing a raw food diet can surely be a healthy option for your dog. However, it will be highly advisable to consult your vet first to avoid any harm and to ensure proper nutrition with a well-balanced meal complete with meat, vegetables and starch. Giving your dog personally prepared meal everyday will surely make him healthier and much happier. And not just that, these animals sure know how to appreciate things. Your pet will surely reciprocate the love and care you are giving him.

The Most Effective Diets

Our mind is already over-saturated with miraculous weight loss and recipes, especially the multitude of existing information on these issues in women’s magazines and the Internet. The question that remains on your lips is “How do I lose weight?”.

1. Nutrition based on blood groups

Why we consider it the best diet? Because the diet is customized to your body and your metabolism. Diet based on blood groups is not very restrictive and in no circumstances feed your hunger.

2. South Beach

South Beach Nutrition is one of the best choices, even if it is not personalized, such as one based on blood groups. South Beach Nutrition is a healthy Nutrition which can be easily adapted to any lifestyle and kept for the entire lifetime. Diet that is most appealing to stars.

3. Montignac

Montignac diet is a healthy way of combining foods, without being deprived of food or a certain category of food. Montignac Diet simply means balance in nutrition. The biggest benefit has the stomach, there are even cases of people who were cured of ulcer or gastritis after this diet.

4. Zone

Zone Nutrition is, primarily, hormonal balance. It is a healthy diet based on raw foods, which have an increased intake of vitamins. Also, the fact that eat more meals a day, but small, fat does not accumulate, but do not feel hungry.

5. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Nutrition climbed into the top choice, especially for a diet that is easy to follow, in terms of food diversity and quantity of food they can eat. It is a very healthy diet and keeping her get closer to your ideal weight, eating and an increased intake of vitamins.

6. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Nutrition is one of the best diets for women who want to lose weight without any restrictions regarding food. When Weight Watchers dieting, you’re only limited, not restricted. It is above our top choices, because it is the healthiest of diets.

Diet Pills Reviews – OTC Diet Pills That Work

These days there seems to be a lot more pressure on us to lose weight and eat healthy. Many of us even dream of being able to hit the beach and show off a new bod. Everywhere we look there are beautiful people in sexy magazines, if we could only look like them we think. However the problem is that most people over eat, they also eat the wrong things. They also feel that they dont have the time or the energy to cook good meals and exercise.

Many would be dieters have now opted for the diet supplement approach as a means of suppressing hunger and getting started. However where most people go wrong is by not checking out enough diet pills reviews prior to buying their supplements. Taking the time to look over diet pills reviews will help you work out what pills might be right for what you want to achieve and which ones are the best quality.

Start reading the diet pills reviews and try and make say a top 5 list of the ones you like the sound of and the write them down. Then simply start searching the internets many forums and blogs etc for diet pills reviews of the products you have on your list. There is always plenty of information out there.

You are pretty much just looking for background information on the product itself as well as comments from real people who have taken the product. Take note of the negative comments about any particular site or product that has constant bad feedback. As diet pills reviews are pretty much written evaluations on certain products it’s good to turn to them for advice as people generally tend to write posts about things they either are really angry about or really happy about.

The paying public will applaud, show appreciation and even criticize online when given half a chance and every single one of them does it for free. It is the best free source of fresh sales data feedback there is.

Another point worth mentioning is that you need to stay clear of dodgy websites offering totally free, just pay the shipping and handling type of diet pills reviews. Many thousands of people get scammed with this method of marketing every year. Take your time and work out a healthy eating plan as well, one that contains plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish. Then start your diet supplements at the same time, combine with 20 mins mild walking 5 times a week, and you will be off to a great start.

The most important foods to avoid is all fast food, soda pop, man made sugars, margarines/trans fatty oils, diet drinks/sweetner and reduce your intake of starchy foods like bread, rice and potatoes.

Essential Fitness Accessories You Should Invest In

Health and fitness is the most important prerogative in a person’s life today. Daily exercise is a must like breathing is and today you can choose to work out from home or hire the best personal trainer to help you with your workouts. There are numerous exercises and workout routines like aerobics, yoga and with a wide variety of fitness exercises come a wider variety of fitness accessories.

People spend exorbitant amounts of money on gym memberships and exercise equipments for the correct workout regime, so why go ballistic and waste money over what is not required. So whether you exercise from home or you are an outdoor fitness enthusiast, investing in the right fitness accessories can not only make workout effective but also make it fun and relaxing.

Here is a list of the most essential fitness accessories you can buy online or at your nearest gym equipment store. These items are more or less important for all forms of exercise and are a must have.

Shoes: A good pair of exercise shoe is a great investment and there should be no compromise here. Shoes are imperative for the safety of the feet and toning of the muscles.They come in various designs, forms and colours so choose what’s best for you for efficient results.

Fitness and workout wear: Luckily workout clothes are not expensive and they come in a wide variety. So you can buy the right attire for your exercise sessions. If you choose to show off your abs or wear tees, don’t forget to buy comfy and sweat absorbing materials.

Heart rate monitor: A heart rate monitor records and keeps check on your heart rate, and also tells you how many calories you are burning. So if you want to burn fat and lose weight fast this is a good investment as it helps you achieve your target weight and get that perfect toned body.

Door bars: Door bars are great for a physical workout of pull-ups and chin-ups. They are portable so you can carry them anywhere and you don’t have to affix them to the door. You could also buy push-up bars to workout from home.

Other accessories: There is a whole long list of other must haves so depending on your requirement you can invest in stop watches or jump ropes,hula hoops, pedometers and even fat monitors. And don’t forget an mp3 player to get you into the workout mood. Most of these items are easy on the wallet but don’t spend on the unnecessary; always check for which item you will use on a daily basis before investing.

So choose the 5 essential fitness accessories required to get started and without exceeding your budget you can make a big difference to your exercise routine for improved and quicker outcome.

Fitness – Time To Rest

If you are a fitness buff or you are just considering making a New Year’s resolution, then you are interested in results, progress, and success with your fitness goals. Part and parcel of doing so is having the forethought to plan for your recovery. That means a regular eight hours of sleep a night. It also means that once or twice a year you should take some time off from working out altogether. It is important to allow your body to rest completely from the strain of your workouts.

When you take this time off you are allowing your joints, tendons, and muscles time to truly recuperate from the stress you apply to your body from working out. This rest time also has the added benefit of helping bust through plateaus, as your body is revitalized to hit higher goals.

How much time you take off may vary for everyone, but somewhere in the area of two to three weeks is a good time frame. You can take that all at once or split it up into two pieces (maybe two weeks during the summer and a week at Christmas). Try to make it coincide with holidays or busy social times to make it more convenient all around.

So when you design your fitness workout routine, think in terms of what you do weekly. Once that is designed, plan on keeping that routine in place for 3 months. Then prepare on changing your routine completely every three months or so. Then work in the time that you will take off in between these three month periods. The best fitness workout plan would be designed to use each 3 month routine to hit specific goals in strength, speed, and physical appearance whatever your personal goals might be.

Measure your success at the end of this 3 month fitness workout routine, adjust your goals for the next workout plan, and start striving towards these new personal bests. As you can see, as each new 3 month period is a new start of sorts, it is the perfect time to rest in between these two timeframes.

For those of you who are just starting to commit to a new fitness lifestyle the idea of scheduled time off may sound great. But I can tell you as a fitness buff myself, once the results start to come and your motivation starts to get the better of you, taking time off will be a hard thing to do. It may sound kind of crazy to newbies, but fitness can be an addictive thing when it gets a hold of you, so you may have to force yourself to gear down.

Infant Dental Care

How many teeth does a child have? Count them… 8? 16? 20? Would you believe 52? This sounds amazing, but it’s true. By birth all 20 of the baby (primary) teeth and several of the adult (permanent) teeth are forming. By age 3, almost all of the 32 permanent teeth are well on their way. What’s even more amazing is that there are several steps you can take now, while your child is an infant, which will determine their oral health well into adulthood.


The two lower front teeth are usually the first to arrive at about 6-10 months of age. Teething continues until about 2 1/2 years old, when the second primary molars erupt. During teething, the child’s gums may look a little red and puffy, and they may experience excessive drooling and grouchiness. Other signs of teething may include: loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, and a transient low-grade fever. If your baby experiences: a high or prolonged fever, a rash, or vomiting, these are signs that something else may be wrong and you should consult your pediatrician.

To help relieve teething discomfort, you can give your child a cool teething ring or a frozen washcloth to chew on. The cold will help numb the gums and the chewing will help the new teeth cut through. Care must be taken not to allow your child to chew on objects that could break apart and pose a choking hazard. Infant Tylenol and preparations that numb the gums should be used sparingly and only as a last resort.


While it is true the primary teeth will eventually be replaced, they serve very important roles. Like your permanent teeth, your child’s primary teeth are necessary for: proper chewing and eating, speech development, and an attractive appearance. In addition, the primary teeth play an important role in the development of jaw bones and muscles, and help guide the permanent teeth into position. The second primary molars are not usually replaced until 12-14 years and generally must serve for 10 years or more.


Cleaning should begin even before the first tooth erupts. After every feeding you should gently clean your infant’s gums with a clean damp gauze or washcloth. This will allow you to check that everything appears normal and creates a healthy oral environment for the first tooth to erupt into. You can continue to clean the first few new primary teeth with gauze or washcloth. Once your fingers are in jeopardy, it’s time to graduate up to a soft, child-size toothbrush. Brushing should be done at least twice daily, and most importantly, before bedtime.

Dental Surgery For Better Oral Health

We brush our teeth properly, floss regularly and always have a handy mouthwash, just in case. But sometimes dental problems still find its way to bother us and our way of life. Fortunately, there are dental surgery procedures to remedy these problems.

Perhaps the most common disease is tooth decay, but unfortunately, it is also often neglected. Unless we already feel pain from the toothache, the visit to the dentist is frequently shrugged off. It is only when the pain is almost unbearable that we consider tooth extraction seriously. Tooth extraction is a dental procedure which removes a tooth from the bone socket. Teeth that need to be extracted are not only those which have cavities and are engulfed by caries. There are those who have their teeth removed for aesthetic reasons, such as unsightly extra tooth or for making extra space, especially for those who are getting braces. Sometimes, the growth of wisdom teeth proves to be worrying, especially if it is crowding the teeth, is impacted, or is causing pain to the gums.

Root canal is another dental surgery procedure done by dentists. Root canal eliminates the infection from the diseased tooth, and shields the decontaminated tooth from future microbial incursion. It is usually recommended early on to prevent a cracked or decayed tooth from getting infection. The process involves the tooth being drilled, cleaned, filled (with endofile and rubber), and capped with a crown. The tooth is basically ‘dead’ because it has no more organic tissue inside, but the bone remains intact.

Both tooth extraction and root canal are done with the help of anesthesia to numb the area of the tooth to be processed. This can either be through local anesthesia (makes a particular part of the body unable to feel sensation for a period of time) or through IV sedation (induces the patient to a state of deep relaxation, feeling nothing while the procedure is going on, and causes partial or total memory loss of the procedure). The healing process depends on the difficulty of the process (for example, a tooth that has been more difficult to extract often takes more time to heal). The dentists should prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and other painkiller to aid in suppressing the swelling and the pain post-procedure.

These procedures will leave patients with missing or incomplete tooth that are rather unpleasant to the eyes. It’s a good thing there is another dental surgery procedure we can avail to have our perfect smile back: by having crowns or bridges. Both are types of dental restoration. Crowns cover a dental implant completely while bridges are employed to substitute a missing tooth by bonding to adjacent teeth or dental implants permanently. Both can be created from a variety of materials including gold and porcelain. These can be proven advantageous and beneficial to the dental health and overall aesthetic appearance. However, they are relatively expensive because of the materials and the procedure itself.

Fitness For Beauty

By becoming physically fit, it can make you look lean and healthy both inside and out.

There is a lot you can do such as walking or jogging, playing basketball or any other sport with your friends but if you really want build tone and look lean, at some point you need to consider the best way to make that commitment and get in with like-minded people is to sign up and devote at least part of your regime on workouts in a gym.

As always, before starting any exercise regimen, you should first consult your doctor, to ensure that all is well internally and for any advice that may have an effect on how you exercise.

Physical exercise is extremely beneficial, it helps you maintain and improve your health and increases your resistance to a wide variety of diseases and premature death. It also makes you feel happier and will increase your self esteem, an important preventative for depression or anxiety. It has been proven that an active lifestyle will ensure that you have a happier, longer life.

An optimal exercise plan should involve both cardiovascular and weight training exercise. This will help you burn calories, increase your muscle to fat ratio and increase your metabolism, a higher metabolic rate will mean that even when not exercising, you will burn more calories while resting.

It is unlikely that you have never worked out before, but if it has been many months, or years since you last did any strenuous exercise, you should get into it gradually. There are several reasons for this, it is obvious that your chance of injury is much increased, pulled muscles are often the cause of a fitness regime that never really got started. More importantly though, it must be fun. If you work too hard in the short term, your willpower may be strong enough to get you to the gym for several sessions, but if you always view it as a drag, you will quickly find excuses not to go, by contrast, if it is fun and enjoyable, you will quickly meet and make good friends and it can quickly become a way of life.

Everyone has their least favorite bodypart, but rather than simply accepting that you will always dislike it, you can focus your efforts on this area of your body and improve it. A good example of this is to focus on your abdominals. There are many reasons you may dislike your abs, lack of healthy eating, childbirth etc. By focusing your efforts on this area, you can re-train and flatten the muscles that have relaxed and very quickly you could be sporting a mid-section that you are very proud of.

But beauty is not only about having muscles that people can see. It is also about enhancing your beauty from within.

Here are some things you can do every day to remain beautiful and healthy:

Just like working out keeps the body in shape, reading more often keeps the mind sharp, turn off the TV and read for a while, a novel is good, read most anything, but do consider that you will get more benefit by reading something positive. Reading in depth reports of a world disaster will not be as beneficial as reading about successful people and their lives. If you don’t often read, start with reading for fifteen minutes or so and build up to longer periods when you feel you want to.
Take time out to pamper yourself, don’t feel guilty about taking time out to lie in a hot tub, or watching a feel-good movie. It is essential to exercise, but it is also necessary to balance this with good quality relaxation.
Pollution effects us all, but you can take steps to minimize it’s effects. When you go out, get into the habit of using some form of protection, beauty products that contain antioxidants can help protect your skin from damage. Getting the help of a beauty therapist, or even a dermatologist can be extremely beneficial in identifying the optimum range of products to suit your skin type.
It may sound somewhat obvious, but another way to stay healthy is to reduce those vices. It is well known that smoking causes lung cancer, but the myriad of other diseases that it can cause, or make worse is truly startling. Excessive, or binge drinking is also best avoided, for similar reasons.