Weight Lost Diet for Anti-Inflammatory, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure. How Can You Lose Weight, Lower Risk for Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Hypertension, Lower LDL Cholesterol, Reduce Triglicerides, Raise HDL Cholesterol, Reduce Oxidized LDL and lipoprotein(a), Lower C-Reactive Protein, Reduce Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines and Raise Your Resting Energy Expenditure, Improve Sleep, Fight Prostate and Ovary Cancers, Discover the Level 1 Anti-Inflammatory Diet, End Obesity, Improve Diabetes, Lower High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Reduce Acne Vulgaris Outbreaks, Fight Other Metabolic Syndrome X Symptoms.
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Read how I lost 75 pounds and improved my diabetes and metabolic syndrome x condition.
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anti inflammation weight loss diet program

25 Facts About Fat: Be Thin for Life!

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"25 Facts About Fat: Be Thin For Life!"

1. Should we count calories? More people count calories than ever, but we're getting fatter, faster than ever―what's the answer?

2. Can portion-sizes be the answer? Surely eating less will make us thinner, right? Guess again... we explain the shocking scientific studies showing how people successfully lose weight, without counting or measuring anything.

3. What about the famous food guide pyramid? Is the pyramid a guide for weight loss?

4. Grasp the simple differences between healthy oils you should eat, or fats and unhealthy oils you should avoid; What do terms like, "fatty acids", "saturated fats", "unsaturated fats", "trans fats", "omega-3 fats", "omega-6 fats", "monounsaturated fats", "polyunsaturated fats" and "partially hydrogenated fats" actually mean to you? The differences are simple. You will understand them in minutes, and remember them the rest of your life!

5. Discover the single vegetable oil to add to your diet, and why it is absolutely essential in any kitchen.

6. If you run out of the best single oil above, there is one other oil you could substitute―learn why it's acceptable for occasional use in your recipes.

7. Read the big list of unhealthy vegetable oils that you need to get rid of forever, and why each of these slimy villains need to be avoided like the life-threatening hooligans they are.

8. Learn how to cook your food without destroying delicate antioxidants and healthy omega-3 fatty acids

9. Discover how the fats and oils in your diet control your blood sugar

10. Learn how eating the wrong oils has made you fat, and will lead to major diseases.

11. Learn how primitive people all around the world eat healthy oils and avoid most modern diseases.

12. Grasp the secret of controlling your food cravings by doing two simple things every single day.

13. Discover the real source of high cholesterol and learn 10 easy, natural and inexpensive steps to reduce cholesterol and lower your risks for heart disease.

14. Did you get fat from eating too much, or do you eat too much because you got fat? Hint, just asking the question will make you unpopular in some circles, but chances are you already know the answer, but have been ignoring the truth! Learn about a break-through scientific study of hundreds of young children that provides the amazing answer. Read our easy-to-understand summary, with suggestions for applying this astonishing discovery in your own home.

15. Learn about the single food additive that has caused millions to become diabetic since its invention in the 1960s, and how diabetes―the plague of the 21st Century― could be avoided in many people simply by eliminating this food ingredient.

16. Read the hidden truth about why lowering dietary fats, and reducing cholesterol with statin drugs has reduced heart attacks, but not reduced deaths because it has increased suicides and certain kinds of strokes and cancers.

17. Discover what simple natural, lifestyle changes you can make to prevent or reverse atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, and cardiovascular disease―without risking the possibly fatal side-effects from drugs.

18. Did you inherit obesity? If you did, you have lots of company―over 60% of America is fat. Every race, color and ethnic group is fat; short, tall, young, old, white, black, red, yellow and everything in between―we're all getting fat. Learn why heredity is no excuse when it comes to getting and staying thin.

19. Does your blood type make you fat? Human blood comes in up to 29 recognized "types" (O+, A+, B+, AB+, O-, A-, B- and AB-, etc.). Read if the type of blood you were born with contributes to obesity or other health problems.

20. Does eating at different times of the day change your metabolism and make you slim? Get the answer and learn a basic truth about dieting.

21. Are low carb diets the answer? Replacing carbohydrates with fats and proteins are today's latest fad. Is it making us healthier?

22. Is a low fat diet healthy? Fats have 9 times more calories than carbs, ounce for ounce. When we cut-out the fats, do we lose weight and get healthier? The truth may amaze you.

23. What is the fastest, simplest way to eat to lose weight and avoid or reverse inflammatory disease?

24. Learn why getting enough good sleep is essential to weight loss and all around good health. Read 7 simple steps to help you sleep like a baby all night long and get up rested, with plenty of energy for the new day!

25. If you had only 30 seconds to tell a friend about health, what would you say? Here is the story, condensed into a short version you could tell your best friends, or your son, daughter, wife or husband in less than a minute.

And there's even more...

26. Over 250 simple definitions of common conditions, diseases and health issues.

27. The 8 healthy spices to add to your diet that most Americans never eat.

28. The 12 dangerous foods to throw into the trash, if you find them in your kitchen.

29. The 5 ways to cook, without damaging your food and endangering your health.

30. The 7 absolutely vital vegetables you probably never eat, but that almost every grocery store sells―at very low prices!

31. The 5 supplements that we believe every American must add to their diet to get and stay healthy. It's almost impossible to get enough of these nutrients, even in healthy foods and snacks.

32. Another 10 supplements that we suggest you consider taking every day. if you're really serious about health.

And finally...

33. The #1 secret to a long, happy life that costs nothing, takes only a few minutes a day, and very few people do.

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