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How I Lost Over 85 Pounds, Reversed Type-2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome ― with the Anti-Inflammation Level 1 Diet & Weight Loss Program

How I lost 85 pounds, and reversed metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabates with my anti-inflammatory health programHow I lost 85 pounds, and reversed metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabates with my anti-inflammatory health program I'm Thomas Bond, the creator of, which is a new web site devoted to weight loss and health improvement.

I've developed a program based on scientific diet and lifestyle principles. I call it the Level 1 Diet.

The Level 1 Diet has empowered me to reverse my own metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes over the last 3 years. And, things are only getting better. Read how I did it below.

My Dramatic Diabetes Story and My Astonishing,
Easy Weight Loss Following Simple Anti-Inflammatory Health Rules

Before 2003, I must have weighed over 400 pounds, but hadn't looked at a scale for years. I was too big to fit into booths in restaurants, so I began to try different diets. By New Year's Eve 2003 I had slimmed down to 370 or so. Due to an untreated pre-diabetic state, I had suffered from chronic physical depression for many years. Getting through each day was a struggle.


I was constantly tired, racked with aches and pains, unproductive at work. I was foggy headed all through the day, especially after meals, as if I had gone days without sleep. 

Only positive thinking kept me going. But one day my positive attitude was not enough. 

On January 3rd, 2003, I came down with bronchitis, which became pneumonia. I was too weak to eat for days. On the morning of January 8th, I could barely breathe and was panting like a dog. Some friends called 911 for me. As the ambulance raced me to the nearest emergency room trauma center, I overhead the paramedics saying that I was dying and had only minutes to live. I spent 4 days in the coronary care unit CCU and 6 frightening days in the hospital. I had a very high blood sugar, highly acidic blood pH, irregular heart beats, rapid heart rate, erratic blood pressure, pneumonia, diabetic ketoacidosis... worsening septicemia and finally, septic shock (system-wide blood clotting). 

The doctors were amazed that I had survived long enough to get to the trauma center. They told me I was suffering from several DIFFERENT diseases. They all repeated a long list: Type-II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, erratic heart beat, high cholesterol, low potassium, high blood sugar, very acid blood pH levels, high clotting factors, and so on.  

Not one of these doctors and specialists mentioned "metabolic syndrome" or "insulin resistance", which would have explained why all of these would show up in the same person. They estimated my weight at 370. 

In fact, they seemed to be surprised, shocked and very concerned that one person could have so many problems. They evidently supposed that each of these conditions were separate diseases! 

When I left the hospital 6 days later, I still had a fasting blood sugar every morning of over 225 (normal is 70 to 100, or more conservatively only 90), and it shot up to 330 or even higher after eating only very small hospital sized diabetic meals. I was taking 70 units of injected insulin each day (two shots - 40 units in the morning and 30 more in the evening). I was also taking large doses of several other very expensive prescription drugs. Things were out of control and seemed to be actually getting worse. The future did not look good.

Around 370 pounds, before I developed the program.I was amazed at how little help I received from traditional doctors, hospitals and clinics. Sometimes they gave me no real advice at all, except for drug prescriptions and vague advice about exercising more and eating less. In fact they often told me to do things that actually turned out to be completely unscientific and inaccurate, or were based on old medical ideas that were long ago rejected by scientific research. So, I spent the next year researching ways to turn my "metabolic disease" around. And, after settling on the plan I detail at my new web site, I did turn myself around. I developed my own diet and health program, based on the very latest in scientific research, tempered by my own life experience and successful management of weight, diabetes and symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

Since that day in 2003, I've studied thousands of scientific reports and experiments, published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to find and digest these reports quickly and thoroughly. Still the effort has taken many, many hundreds of hours spent reading, comparing and evaluating the complex language and syntax of these reports. Every day I read through dozens more.

Around 360 pounds, as I began my program.But now the picture is coming into sharp focus. Although every little detail has not been worked out by today's researchers, the main points are increasingly obvious; the road to good health is clearly mapped out. I've walked a good way down that well-mapped journey myself. And now I'm sharing my understanding of the pathway to good health with the world -- at

Now, I no longer need to inject insulin. I've achieved over 85 pounds of weight loss and am still losing, steady and sure, a few pounds every month. My fasting blood glucose averages about 105, A1c just under 6.0, and my cholesterol and CRP are fast approaching normal. I've lost 8 inches around the waist, and I have to buy smaller clothes every month. My friends are amazed at the way I look and act these days. I have lots of energy, I can walk for hours without getting tired, and I sleep like a baby. I don't have those aches and pains anymore that made it hard to move. I'm cheerful and alert from 6 a.m. until late at night. There's a bounce in my step and -- I feel great!

I've become an enthusiastic counselor with friends and acquaintances, and frequent speaker at social gatherings, meetings, and clubs about these topics. The web site is based on a carefully researched combination of diet, exercise, natural food supplementation, and sound health principles. The health program is reinforced and updated with new research revelations from around the world, as the reports are released.

How I Managed Rapid Weight Loss

My anti-inflammatory diet plan consists of 45+ minutes of low impact, non-stressful walking or bicycle riding per day, a diet high in complex high fiber carbohydrates and low in Omega-6 and saturated fats, plus supplementation with Omega-3 fish oils, GLA gamma lenolenic acid with sesame lignans, vitamin-c, vitamin-e in both gamma and d-alpha forms, and a few other supplements. I avoid "high fructose corn syrup" in foods, and most sugary or high-starch simple foods. I avoid fatty meats and farm raised fish. I avoid grain raised animal products of any kind, including dairy and eggs. I have an online list of other foods to avoid, foods to eat, and some exercise tips.

Bicycle Riding - around 295 pounds, after about a year on my program.

Major Weight Loss without Cravings

This diet was amazingly simple and easy to follow. I'm a guy with little or NO will power... just ask anyone who knew me until I started this diet. In only 12 hours, I lost my cravings for sweets and fatty meats. My "body chemistry" had changed. In a few days, I couldn't even remember very well exactly what a Chocolate Fudge Sunday, or a juicy rib-eye steak tasted like. And, I'm never hungry nowadays, because I eat at least five times a day -- 3 meals and two snacks. Even though many people think I have lots of self control, I really don't. It's just so easy to stay on this diet that I have no problems at all -- no cravings, no hidden desires and no self control struggles. Once I got through the first day's 3 meals, the rest was easy!

The Weight Loss Continues

I'm still losing weight and improving my blood pressure, blood glucose, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and other metabolic syndrome symptoms. Each month that goes by, I get a little slimmer and feel even better. Life is truly enjoyable again!

I Know You Can Lose Weight, Too!

Read through the pages of Clean out your kitchen, getting rid of the foods we say are foods to avoid. Go shopping to buy the foods we tell you are foods to eat. Order the supplements you need to help your body fight "insulin resistance" and the inflammatory conditions leading to the "metabolic syndrome". You should begin to lose weight and rapidly improve the other symptoms of your disease. And, it will be easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Now 290 pounds and still losing weight, at home in Palm Beach after a year on my program.

Only YOU can do it.
Nobody else can do it for you.

But if I can do it, anyone can.
Start your new life right now
and good luck!

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