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1. The perfect mix: regulatory complementarity and the speed-accuracy balance in group performance.
Match Strength: 3.907

In this research, we varied the composition of 4-member groups. One third of the groups consisted exclusively of "locomotors," individuals predominantly oriented toward action. Another third of the groups consisted exclusively of "assessors," individuals predominantly oriented toward evaluation. The final third of the groups consisted of a mix of locomotors and assessors. We found that the groups containing only locomotors were faster than the groups containing only assessors, and the groups containing only assessors were more accurate than the groups containing only locomotors. The groups ... Read More »
» Published in Psychol Sci. 2009 Jun;20(6):681-5. Epub 2009 May 15.

2. Support groups for suicide survivors: results of a survey of group leaders.
Match Strength: 3.808

To update and expand Rubey and McIntosh's (1996) survivors of suicide support groups report, SPAN USA completed a survey of U.S. support group leaders (n = 100; 24% completion). There are now more survivor groups (from 280 to 417), and the majority of groups now have a survivor leader (78% vs. 25%). Groups continue to be small (88% < 10 members per session) and meet on a monthly basis (55%). Sharing continues to be a universal experience in groups, which tend to be open-ended (85%). Current groups are newer, and more operate without a sponsor. Further research is needed to examine group member ... Read More »
» Published in Suicide Life Threat Behav. 2009 Dec;39(6):588-98.

3. Relationship groups in SNOMED CT.
Match Strength: 3.698

Relationship groups are a construct which is particular for the representation of concepts in SNOMED CT. In this paper, the July 2008 version of SNOMED CT is analyzed to determine the usage of relationship groups. Relationship groups are used with 36 out of 65 relations, playing a role in 28% of all concepts. Relationship groups are used in the concept types: "procedure" (including "regime/therapy"), "finding" (including "disorder"), "situation with explicit context" and "specimen". Examples are used to extract the purposes for using role groups, after which alternative approaches are ... Read More »
» Published in Stud Health Technol Inform. 2009;150:223-7.

4. Structural and thermal characterizations of silica nanoparticles grafted with pendant maleimide and epoxide groups.
Match Strength: 3.681

Grafting of free maleimide and epoxide pendant groups onto the surface of approximately 7-nm silica nanoparticles was investigated. Glycidyloxypropyl groups (3-glycidyloxypropyltrimethoxysilane and 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane) that carried epoxide groups and aminopropyl groups were grafted to the silica surface with the help of condensation reactions. Maleimide groups [1,1(')-(methylenedi-4,1-phenelene) bismaleimide] were introduced to the silica surface via nucleophilic addition reaction with the aminopropyl groups pre-grafted onto the surface. The grafted silica samples were characterized ... Read More »
» Published in J Colloid Interface Sci. 2008 Dec 1;328(1):81-91. Epub 2008 Sep 3.

5. Focus groups: principles and process.
Match Strength: 3.645

Richard Redmond and Elizabeth Curtis describe the process of conducting focus groups. It is specifically aimed at students undertaking research methods modules and those planning to use focus groups as a means of collecting data. It begins with a discussion of the uses of focus groups before moving on to discuss some of the many activities associated with the planning, organising and conducting of focus groups ... Read More »
» Published in Nurse Res. 2009;16(3):57-69.

6. Diagnostic value of plasminogen activity level in acute mesenteric ischemia.
Match Strength: 3.630

AIM: To investigate the changes in plasminogen activity level during mesenteric ischemia. METHODS: We performed laparotomy in 90 female Wistar-Albino rats (average weight 230 g). In sham groups (SL) (Groups I and II) the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) and vein (SMV) were explored, but not tied. In SMA groups (Groups III and IV) the SMA was ligated, and in SMV groups (Groups V and VI) the SMV was ligated. On re-laparatomy 2 mL of blood was drawn at 1 h in groups I, III and V, and at 3 h in groups II, IV and VI. Plasminogen levels were assessed and comparisons were made between groups and ... Read More »
» Published in World J Gastroenterol. 2008 Apr 28;14(16):2540-3.

7. Network synchronization of groups.
Match Strength: 3.615

In this paper we study synchronized motions in complex networks in which there are distinct groups of nodes where the dynamical systems on each node within a group are the same but are different for nodes in different groups. Both continuous time and discrete time systems are considered. We initially focus on the case where two groups are present and the network has bipartite topology (i.e., links exist between nodes in different groups but not between nodes in the same group). We also show that group synchronous motions are compatible with more general network topologies, where there are also ... Read More »
» Published in Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 2007 Nov;76(5 Pt 2):056114. Epub 2007 Nov 19.

8. Sexual segregation in fallow deer: are mixed-sex groups especially unstable because of asynchrony between the sexes?
Match Strength: 3.526

In gregarious ruminants, females and males tend to live in separate groups outside the rutting season. According to the 'activity budget' hypothesis, this is due to an activity asynchrony between the two sexes reducing the lifetime of mixed-sex groups. We tested this hypothesis in a fallow deer population. Activity asynchrony was more frequent in mixed-sex than in single-sex groups. In addition, mixed-sex groups had a higher probability of splitting-up than all-female groups, and they mainly split up into single-sex groups. However, activity asynchrony did not appear as a major cause of ... Read More »
» Published in C R Biol. 2006 Jul;329(7):551-8. Epub 2006 May 2.

9. The effects of familiarity and social hierarchy on group membership decisions in a social fish.
Match Strength: 3.516

Members of animal groups face a trade-off between the benefits of remaining with a familiar group and the potential benefits of dispersing into a new group. Here, we examined the group membership decisions of Neolamprologus pulcher, a group-living cichlid. We found that subordinate helpers showed a preference for joining familiar groups, but when choosing between two unfamiliar groups, helpers did not preferentially join groups that maximized their social rank. Rather, helpers preferred groups containing larger, more dominant individuals, despite receiving significantly more aggression within ... Read More »
» Published in Biol Lett.. [Epub ahead of print]

10. Effect of cadmium on antioxidant status in alloxane-induced diabetic rats.
Match Strength: 3.492

Fifty-two healthy Swiss Male Albino rats aged two mo were used in this study. They were divided into four groups: control (C), diabetic (D), cadmium (Cd), and diabetic + Cd (D + Cd) groups. Diabetic condition was induced in D and D + Cd groups by administration of alloxane (5 mg/100 g). After this treatment, Cd and D + Cd groups were injected with CdCl2 i.p. (2 mg/kg/wk). At the end of the 2-mo experimental period, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), plasma and erythrocyte selenium (Se), plasma ceruloplasmin (Cp), and vitamin E (vit E) were determined in four groups of rats. The ... Read More »
» Published in Biol Trace Elem Res. 1997 May;57(2):105-14.

11. Do Support Groups Play a Role in Weight Loss After Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding?
Match Strength: 3.403

BACKGROUND: Surgical intervention represents the only treatment with long-term efficacy for morbid obesity. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) is a minimally invasive operation that is increasing in popularity. We hypothesized that attending support groups is beneficial to achieve optimal weight loss after LAGB. METHODS: 38 patients who underwent LAGB between Dec 2002 and Aug 2003 were studied retrospectively. Patients were divided into 2 groups; A included 28 patients who did not attend the support groups (surgery without support groups), and B included 10 patients who attended ... Read More »
» Published in Obes Surg. 2006 Mar;16(3):331-4.

Match Strength: 3.388

Viewing Dehn's algorithm as a rewriting system, we generalize to allow an alphabet containing letters which do not necessarily represent group elements. This extends the class of groups for which the algorithm solves the word problem to include finitely generated nilpotent groups, many relatively hyperbolic groups including geometrically finite groups and fundamental groups of certain geometrically decomposable 3-manifolds. The class has several nice closure properties. We also show that if a group has an infinite subgroup and one of exponential growth, and they commute, then it does not admit ... Read More »
» Published in Int J Algebra Comput. 2008 Nov 1;18(7):1137-1177.

13. Wild mixed groups of howler species (Alouatta caraya and Alouatta clamitans) and new evidence for their hybridization.
Match Strength: 3.387

Mixed species groups and hybridization are common among primates, yet these phenomena are rare and poorly understood for the genus Alouatta. In this study, we describe the composition of howler groups in a sympatric area of Alouatta caraya and Alouatta clamitans and provide new evidence for the occurrence of interspecific hybridization. Between October 2006 and April 2007, 11 howler groups were located in a 150-ha forest fragment: two monospecific groups of A. caraya, two monospecific groups of A. clamitans, two groups composed of A. clamitans and hybrid morphotypes (A. caraya x A. clamitans), ... Read More »
» Published in Primates. 2008 Apr;49(2):149-52. Epub 2007 Oct 17.

14. False memory for associated word lists in individuals and collaborating groups.
Match Strength: 3.385

Using the Deese/Roediger-McDermott (DRM) paradigm, we investigated recall of presented and nonpresented associated words by collaborating groups, nominal groups, and individuals. In Experiment 1, participants recalled individually and then recalled in collaborating groups. Nominal groups made up of individual recall produced more presented and nonpresented associated words than did collaborating groups. Collaborating groups recalled more presented words than did individuals, but not more nonpresented words. In Experiment 2, collaborating groups versus individuals was a between-subjects ... Read More »
» Published in Mem Cognit. 2008 Apr;36(3):598-603.

15. Law & psychiatry: Liability issues associated with referrals to self-help groups.
Match Strength: 3.376

Self-help groups, which are also referred to as mutual aid groups, are widely recognized as an important component of a comprehensive public mental health system that promotes recovery. Nonetheless, some psychiatrists and other providers have expressed concerns about these consumer-run groups and fear potential liability if they make referrals and something harmful occurs. This column reviews potential liability claims that could be made pertaining to referrals to self-help groups. The authors conclude that the likelihood of success of a plaintiff's claim is small. Recommendations are given ... Read More »
» Published in Psychiatr Serv. 2010 Jan;61(1):6-8.

16. Effects of Gender on the Severity of Sepsis
Match Strength: 3.364

PURPOSE: To investigate the differences between male and female rats and the effects of sex hormones on tissue changes in the lung and liver in a sepsis model. METHODS: Sixty Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into six groups of ten. Groups 1 and 2 were the control male and female groups, respectively, subjected only to sepsis; groups 3 and 4 were the male and female groups, respectively, subjected to sepsis, then given 0.04 mg/kg estrogen + progesterone (E-P) intramuscularly (i.m.); and groups 5 and 6 were the male and female groups, respectively, subjected to sepsis, then given 0.5 mg/kg ... Read More »
» Published in Surg Today. 2005;35(6):467-72.

17. The only effects of recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone for ovulation induction in the pre-implantation period of rats.
Match Strength: 3.347

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in follicular development, serum hormonal levels, and endometrium in the pre-implantation period of rats by using recombinant FSH (rFSH) without human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). METHODS: Thirty female rats were studied in six groups of five specimens. Two groups determined as controls (groups 1 and 2). Two groups received constant doses of rFSH (groups 3 and 4) and other two decreasing doses (groups 5 and 6). One of the paired groups was mated. Uterus, ovaries, and blood samples were taken from non-mated groups (groups 1, 3, and 5 ... Read More »
» Published in Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2006 Sep 5;

18. Bridging faultlines by valuing diversity: diversity beliefs, information elaboration, and performance in diverse work groups.
Match Strength: 3.347

Although there are numerous potential benefits to diversity in work groups, converging dimensions of diversity often prevent groups from exploiting this potential. In a study of heterogeneous decision-making groups, the authors examined whether the disruptive effects of diversity faultlines can be overcome by convincing groups of the value of diversity. Groups were persuaded either of the value of diversity or the value of similarity for group performance, and they were provided with either homogeneous or heterogeneous information. As expected, informationally diverse groups performed better ... Read More »
» Published in J Appl Psychol. 2007 Sep;92(5):1189-99.

19. Inaccessible hydroxyl groups on silica are accessible in supercritical CO2.
Match Strength: 3.340

The three main types of hydroxyl groups on a silica surface are classified as isolated, hydrogen bonded, and inaccessible. The isolated and hydrogen bonded groups are the most important as these readily exchange with D(2)O and thus are exposed to reactant molecules. However, it has generally been accepted that the inaccessible groups do not participate in surface reactions as only a small fraction of these groups exchange with D(2)O. It is shown that the inaccessible hydroxyl groups on nonporous fumed silica and mesoporous MCM-48 silica powders and films fully exchange with D(2)O and are ... Read More »
» Published in J Phys Chem B Condens Matter Mater Surf Interfaces Biophys. 2005 May 12;109(18):8914-9.

20. Compilation of international standards for patch testing methodology and allergens.
Match Strength: 3.337

BACKGROUND: Recommendations for patch testing methodology and allergens differ between contact dermatitis groups worldwide. Currently, there is no compilation of these recommendations. OBJECTIVE: This study aims to summarize the current recommendations for patch testing methodology and allergens. METHODS: Data was collected through a literature search and by contacting representatives from 24 known contact dermatitis groups. RESULTS: Thirteen groups responded to our inquiry. As expected, recommendations for allergens and methodology varied between different groups; however, most groups based ... Read More »
» Published in Dermatitis. 2009 Oct;20(5):257-60.

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