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For Doctors, and Their Patients

We need a revolution in health. It must start in the doctor's office. Most patients cannot do this job alone, and for those who could, they won't devote the time needed to understand the problem.

But in order to give advice about health, the doctor needs to have a vision of health. Not of disease, but health. They need to see the big picture of health. Today's doctor needs to be reeducated and retrained... refocused. We hope is a step in that direction.

That's why we have produced a technically detailed web-site. We want to change the ideas of doctors and their compatriots. We want them to re-focus on the big picture instead of magic bullets. We want them to actually try to help patients to become and to stay healthy.

The archived reports page links you to a few dozen other reports that provide health analysis and conclusions.

About The Author

The author is Thomas Bond, owner and author of You can read the story of what motivated the creation of by clicking on the little "Read how I lost over 85 lbs..." banner shown at the upper right of all the pages.


In early 2003, I nearly died from undiagnosed diabetes, during a bout of the flu. I developed sepsis stemming from extremely high blood sugar and acidity that was caused by not eating, while I suffered pneumonia for a week. This almost killed me. I spent a painful, frightening and expensive week in intensive care, recovering at a major hospital in Los Angeles. The 'diseases' diagnosed during my stay there were numerous: Septicemia, high blood pressure, racing heart, irregular heart, high cholesterol, high fibrinogen, high blood sugar, diabetes, high blood acidity, diabetes, heart disease, edema, obesity, low potassium, low calcium, low magnesium... the list seems endless. Of course, these diseases are all related as we explain in great detail on this web-site.

After that experience. my first priority on leaving the hospital was to buy medicine. I went to the pharmacy located in the parking lot. Like almost half of Americans, I had no medical insurance, so I had to pay myself. The pharmacist sold me needles and insulin, and told me there were some 'issues' with the other pills and I would have to come back in a few hours after he could call the doctor to see what to do. (The doctor had prescribed duplicated pills that could not be dispensed together according to law.)

I was standing there in my hospital slippers. So I took my insulin and needles and called a cab to drive home.

Sitting in the taxi on the way home in my bright blue plastic hospital slippers, I swore to myself that I would devote the rest of my life to finding out what had caused this to happen to me, discovering how to recover and rebuild my health, and to helping others avoid this problem.

It has been quite a journey. In some ways, I am still riding that taxi. I'm still hungry for a solution to the problem that leads millions every year to a hospital, somewhere around the world, suffering from the travails of degenerative diseases like diabetes, cancer, strokes, heart diseases, lung, liver and kidney diseases, and so on. Some of them survive. Many die, never seeing home again. Most return home to be consumers of patented medicines the rest of their (shortened) lives.

I have spent many thousands of hours over the last 5 years studying health. Thanks to large libraries and the Internet, I have been able to discover some important pathways that lead to the major highway of a healthy life. I share those discoveries with others at

Authority & Mission

The health analysis and conclusions on are backed by thousands of hours of careful research of the available scientific literature. Each report is thoroughly documented with sources taken from peer reviewed medical and scientific periodicals. We do not take our ideas from popular books and magazines -- sources come only from the original scientific researchers. provides an online database of over 1,490,000 scientific and medical research abstracts and summaries from peer reviewed journals. While many topics are covered by the database, it is heavily focused on degenerative diseases, many related to inflammation. The database is searchable from any page on the site.

The writing is aimed at an educated audience and tends to be somewhat technical and analytical in nature. We especially intend to educate and motivate physicians, nurses, surgeons, teachers, insurance agents, laboratory researchers, professors and other health professionals to discover and apply the principals of natural health.

We hope to help provide 'the big picture' that is often lacking in today's health professional. We also intend to inform and motivate millions of potential co-sufferers from degenerative diseases. We hope to help them avoid major health problems, and to improve and lengthen their happy years.

Like any other writer, we feel we do have something important to contribute to the health understanding of most readers, especially people who are already educated (or miss-educated) and employed by the enormous health industry. We also help to educate millions of health consumers, those of us who are not involved in the health industry other than as patients.

As to the quality and accuracy of our analysis and conclusions, the readers should be the judge.

About the Diet

The Level 1 Diet and Health Program consists of simple, easy to understand rules for active, healthy living that you should use for the rest of your life. It can help you maintain an energetic, attractive, and disease free way of living that should add years to your life, reduce needless pain and suffering from dozens of modern degenerative diseases. It should add many years of joy-filled work and play to your life. It can save most people a fortune in medical expenses they would otherwise spend to treat the symptoms of advancing diseases.

The Level 1 Diet Anti-Inflammatory Health Program fights heart disease, diabetes, cancers, strokes, athsma, acne, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, skin disease, multiple sclerosis, Altsheimer's disease, kidney disease, bowel diseases, polycistic ovary disease, breast and prostate cancers, fatty liver disease, depression and bipolar dissorders, and many other age related diseases of modern civilization. These inflammation-related diseases are the cause of death for up to 73% of Americans.

For most people, the Level 1 Program can help them avoid or improve their health and prevent disease without patented drugs and medicines. For some people who suffer from advanced states of these diseases, this program wlll work with the medical drugs and therapies they are already taking to improve their condition. In some cases, their doctors may find that drugs previously prescribed to treat symptoms of cancer, diabetes and hearth diseases may be no longer needed. In other cases, the doctor may reduce or change therapies to milder, more acceptable drugs regimes.

The Level 1 Diet and Health Program is easy to start and easy to follow. You can lose weight if you, like about two thirds of us, are obese. If you are thin and frail, it can add muscle tone and mass to your arms and legs. It stops the cravings for sweets and fatty foods you have suffered from for years. You should never be hungry, and you won't have those urges for midnight snacks, or late afternoon candy bars. Your skin can glow with health. You should notice the lessening of blemishes, acne, dermatitis, seborreah, dandruf and itching skin. The aches and pains of your joints should lessen and you should walk with a bounce in your step like you did when you were young. You should think clearly, and you should have a bright, cheerful attitude -- free of nervousness, worry and fretful, sleepless nights.

The Level 1 Diet and Health Program acts fast. We are changing the actual chemical balance in your body. Changing simple ratios of sat-fats/omega-6/omega-3 and oxidants/antioxidants. We're adding fiber. We're burning fats and sugars by increasing metabolic rates and exercise. These few simple changes lower inflammation and reduce insulin resistance. They are simple things to accomplish. Things happen quickly.

If you follow the diet, you should stop craving sweets and fats in only 12 hours! In only 3 days you should notice the changes happening in your body. You should begin to lose fat and gain muscle mass. You should sleep better. You should think clearly and your mood should improve. Then as the days and weeks roll by, you should begin to see the symptoms of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high insulin, and high glood sugar steadily dissappear. You should become healthier and healthier.

For many if not most people, you and your doctor will agree that you are becoming younger, rolling back the clock and improving any existing degenerative diseases.

* All information on is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before changing your diet, or adding supplements to your diet, or beginning an exercise program, everyone should consult a qualified and licensed health practitioner; a physician, dietician or similar professional.

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