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Graves Disease
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1. Decreased nerve growth factor levels in hyperthyroid Graves' ophthalmopathy highlighting the role of neuroprotective factor in autoimmune thyroid diseases.
Match Strength: 10.112

Nerve growth factor (NGF), which is a neurotrophic factor, is involved in autoimmune and inflammatory processes. Serum NGF levels were investigated in 131 patients with autoimmune (95 with Graves' disease, of whom 57 had ophthalmopathy, 19 with Hashimoto's thyroiditis) and nonimmune thyroid diseases (17 with toxic nodular goitre), and 20 controls. NGF levels were measured via enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Twenty-nine positive cases for NGF were detected: 21 cases in Graves' disease, 7 cases in Hashimoto's thyroiditis, no case in toxic nodular goitre and one case in controls. NGF levels ... Read More »
» Published in Cytokine. 2006 Aug;35(3-4):109-14. Epub 2006 Sep 27.

2. Association of the BTNL2 rs2076530 single nucleotide polymorphism with Graves' disease appears to be secondary to DRB1 exon 2 position beta74.
Match Strength: 8.630

OBJECTIVE: The HLA region encodes numerous immune response genes, with the DR/DQ molecules consistently associated with autoimmune disease (AID). Recent studies in sarcoidosis have identified association of a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs2076530 within BTNL2, a potential T-cell inhibitor, independent of the known DRB1 association. The aim of this study was to investigate the association rs2076530 with disease in a large UK Caucasian Graves' disease (GD) dataset. DESIGN: A case control association study of the rs2076530 polymorphism. PATIENTS: Eight hundred sixty-four Graves' disease ... Read More »
» Published in Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 2006 Oct;65(4):429-32.

3. Cigarette smoking and thyroid eye disease: a systematic review.
Match Strength: 7.975

PurposeTo evaluate the epidemiological evidence for a causal association between tobacco smoking and thyroid eye disease (TED).MethodsSystematic review, including quality assessment, of published epidemiological studies and evaluation of the evidence using established causality criteria.ResultsFourteen papers describing 15 studies were included. There was a positive association between smoking and TED in four case-control studies when compared with control patients with Graves' disease but no ophthalmopathy (odds ratio (OR) 1.94-10.1) and in seven case-control studies in which control subjects ... Read More »
» Published in Eye. 2006 Sep 15;

4. Activated human T lymphocytes express cyclooxygenase-2 and produce proadipogenic prostaglandins that drive human orbital fibroblast differentiation to adipocytes.
Match Strength: 5.914

The differentiation of preadipocyte fibroblasts to adipocytes is a crucial process to many disease states including obesity, cardiovascular, and autoimmune diseases. In Graves' disease, the orbit of the eye can become severely inflamed and infiltrated with T lymphocytes as part of the autoimmune process. The orbital fibroblasts convert to fat-like cells causing the eye to protrude, which is disfiguring and can lead to blindness. Recently, the transcription factor peroxisome proliferator activated receptor (PPAR)-gamma and its natural (15d-PGJ2) and synthetic (thiazolidinedione-type) PPAR-gamma ... Read More »
» Published in Am J Pathol. 2006 Oct;169(4):1183-93.

5. Clinical aspects of hyperthyroidism in hospitalised patients in Albania.
Match Strength: 4.507

The purpose of this study was to evaluate certain clinical aspects of hyperthyroidism in Albania, which is an iodine deficient country, as it is known that iodine intake may influence the type of thyroid hyperfunction. The files of sixty-six patients with thyrotoxicosis who were hospitalised for their disease were retrospectively analysed. 59.1% of these patients suffered from toxic multinodular goiter, 27.3% from Grave's disease (toxic diffuse goiter), 10.6% from toxic adenoma, 1.5% from iodide-induced hyperthyroidism and 1.5% from transient hyperthyroidism due to subacute thyroiditis. There ... Read More »
» Published in Hormones (Athens). 2004 Jan-Mar;3(1):53-8.

6. Testicular function after 131I therapy for hyperthyroidism.
Match Strength: 3.189

OBJECTIVE: Radioiodine-131 is commonly used for treatment of hyperthyroidism but there are few available data on the effects of this treatment on male gonadal function. The untoward effects of (131)I have been mainly studied in male patients treated with high doses for thyroid cancer. In the present work we studied the absorbed radiation dose to the testes and testicular function in hyperthyroid men after (131)I treatment. PATIENTS AND MEASUREMENTS: Nineteen male hyperthyroid patients were enrolled in the study before (131)I therapy. Seventeen of the patients had Graves' disease and two had ... Read More »
» Published in Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 2006 Oct;65(4):446-52.

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