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1. Incidental findings on integrated PET/CT that do not accumulate 18F-FDG.
Match Strength: 5.205

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to report the prevalence of abnormalities that do not show increased 18F-FDG uptake on the CT component of integrated PET/CT in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Images from all PET/CT studies performed consecutively between April and October 2003 on patients with non-small cell lung cancer were retrospectively reviewed. All abnormalities present on the CT component of the PET/CT scans that did not show abnormally increased 18F-FDG uptake were documented. RESULTS: Three hundred twenty-one patients with non-small cell lung ... Read More »
» Published in AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2006 Oct;187(4):1116-23.

2. A prospective evaluation of uterine abnormalities by saline infusion sonohysterography in 1,009 women with infertility or abnormal uterine bleeding.
Match Strength: 4.728

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the role of saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS) in the investigation of uterine abnormalities and malformations in patients referred for infertility work-up compared with women with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB). DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. SETTING: Academically oriented private practice. PATIENT(S): One thousand nine consecutive women examined by SIS for infertility work-up (n = 600, infertility group) or AUB investigation (n = 409, AUB group). INTERVENTION(S): SIS. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Intracavitary abnormalities and uterine anomalies. RESULT(S): Among ... Read More »
» Published in Fertil Steril. 2006 Dec;86(6):1731-5. Epub 2006 Sep 27.

3. Endocrine disruptor vinclozolin induced epigenetic transgenerational adult-onset disease.
Match Strength: 4.496

The fetal basis of adult disease is poorly understood on a molecular level and cannot be solely attributed to genetic mutations or a single etiology. Embryonic exposure to environmental compounds has been shown to promote various disease states or lesions in the first generation (F1). The current study used the endocrine disruptor vinclozolin (antiandrogenic compound) in a transient embryonic exposure at the time of gonadal sex determination in rats. Adult animals from the F1 generation and all subsequent generations examined (F1-F4) developed a number of disease states or tissue abnormalities ... Read More »
» Published in Endocrinology. 2006 Dec;147(12):5515-23. Epub 2006 Sep 14. Comment in: Endocrinology. 2006 Dec;147(12):5513-4.

4. Abnormalities of auditory event-related potentials in students with high scores on the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire.
Match Strength: 4.208

Some auditory event-related potential (ERP) abnormalities characterize both patients with schizophrenia and subjects with schizotypal personality disorder. It was therefore hypothesized that subjects from the community with schizotypal traits might also present ERP abnormalities. In this study, we compared auditory ERP latencies and amplitudes in 13 subjects with high (H-SPQ) and 12 subjects with low (L-SPQ) scores on the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (SPQ), selected from 198 Tunisian students. Auditory ERPs were recorded at Fz, Cz, and Pz, with a standard oddball paradigm. Smaller ... Read More »
» Published in Psychiatry Res. 2006 Nov 15;144(2-3):117-22. Epub 2006 Sep 26.

5. Prospective evaluation of clonal evolution during long-term follow-up of patients with untreated early-stage chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Match Strength: 4.008

PURPOSE: Retrospective studies suggest cytogenetic abnormalities detected by interphase fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) can identify patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) who will experience a more aggressive disease course. Other studies suggest that patients may acquire chromosome abnormalities during the course of their disease. There are minimal prospective data on the clinical utility of the widely used hierarchical FISH prognostic categories in patients with newly diagnosed early-stage CLL or the frequency of clonal evolution as determined by interphase FISH. PATIENTS ... Read More »
» Published in J Clin Oncol. 2006 Oct 1;24(28):4634-41.

6. Significance of left atrial contractile function in asymptomatic subjects with hereditary hemochromatosis.
Match Strength: 3.885

Patients with hereditary hemochromatosis (HH) have been reported to develop diastolic functional abnormalities detectable by echocardiography, but it is unknown whether these occur in asymptomatic subjects. Thus, this study tested whether echocardiographic left ventricular (LV) relaxation abnormalities are detectable in subjects with asymptomatic HH. Forty-three asymptomatic subjects with HH (C282Y homozygosity in the HFE gene) and 21 age- and gender-matched control subjects without known HFE mutations underwent echocardiography with comprehensive diastolic functional evaluations. Subjects ... Read More »
» Published in Am J Cardiol. 2006 Oct 1;98(7):954-9. Epub 2006 Aug 15.

7. First trimester Down's syndrome screening shows high detection rate for trisomy 21, but poor performance in structural abnormalities--regional outcome results.
Match Strength: 3.739

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether first trimester screening markers are altered in pregnancies affected both by other chromosomal defects than trisomy 21 and structural anomalies and whether it is possible to detect these pregnancies by combined ultrasound and biochemical screening test. METHODS: Altogether 4,776 singleton pregnancies underwent first trimester screening. Of them, 3,101 women were screened using a combination of maternal serum free hCG, pregnancy-associated plasma protein A and nuchal translucency and 1,361 women with first trimester biochemistry without ultrasound. Nuchal ... Read More »
» Published in Fetal Diagn Ther. 2007;22(1):45-50. Epub 2006 Sep 22.

8. Ocular abnormalities in mice lacking the Ski proto-oncogene.
Match Strength: 3.728

PURPOSE: Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV) is a developmental ocular malformation often associated with additional ocular abnormalities. This study involved a novel mouse model of PHPV, generated by a null mutation of the Ski proto-oncogene, that displays other anterior segment and retinal malformations often found in human cases of PHPV. METHODS: Morphologic and histologic analyses of Ski-/- mice were used to document ocular abnormalities in comparison to those of normal littermates. Immunohistochemical studies were used to examine the expression of relevant markers of ocular ... Read More »
» Published in Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2006 Oct;47(10):4231-7.

9. Assessment of regional left ventricular function with multidetector-row computed tomography versus magnetic resonance imaging.
Match Strength: 3.691

This study compares quantitative and qualitative information on global and regional left ventricular (LV) function obtained with multidetector-row computed tomography (MDCT) with that obtained with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with a high prevalence of LV wall motion abnormalities. Thirty patients (19 male, 63.7+/-15.1 years) with myocardial infarction (n=12), coronary artery disease (n=9), arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (n=6), and dilation cardiomyopathy (n=3) were included. Segmental LV wall motion (LV-WM) was assessed using a 4-point scale. Wall thickness ... Read More »
» Published in Eur Radiol. 2006 Sep 29;

10. Primary myocardial involvement in systemic sclerosis.
Match Strength: 3.645

Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a connective tissue disease characterized by diffuse vascular lesions and fibrosis. Primary myocardial involvement is common in SSc and, when clinically evident, appears as a poor prognostic factor. An increasing body of evidence suggests that myocardial involvement is due, at least in part, to microcirculation impairment with abnormal vasoreactivity, with or without associated structural abnormalities of the small coronary arteries or arterioles. Using conventional methods, myocardial perfusion impairment, systolic and diastolic left ventricular dysfunction and ... Read More »
» Published in Rheumatology (Oxford). 2006 Oct;45 Suppl 4:iv14-iv17.

11. Circadian rhythm abnormalities in the acute phase of cerebral infarction correlate with poor prognosis in the chronic phase.
Match Strength: 3.294

The aim of this study was to determine circadian rhythm abnormalities in patients with acute cerebral infarction and their relationship with prognosis in the chronic phase. The subjects were 50 patients who were admitted within 48 h of onset. Rectal temperature and wrist motor activity were recorded during the acute phase. Time-series data were assayed by MEM spectral analysis. Functional prognosis (degree of handicap) was assessed at 3 months after stroke onset by the modified Rankin Scale. Ambulatory patients tended to exhibit circadian rhythm in rectal temperature and/or wrist activity ... Read More »
» Published in Auton Neurosci. 2007 Jan 30;131(1-2):131-6. Epub 2006 Sep 20.

12. Epidermal growth factor receptor abnormalities in lung cancer. Pathogenetic and clinical implications.
Match Strength: 3.226

The discovery that mutation of the tyrosine kinase domain of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene occurs in a subset of lung cancers and predicts for sensitivity to tyrosine kinase inhibitors has generated enormous interest and immediately led to intense basic, translational, and clinical research in many laboratories around the globe. All these findings have led to the identification of a subset of lung cancers with relatively distinct molecular, pathologic, and clinical features that demonstrate response to targeted therapy. Currently, the best marker to predict response and ... Read More »
» Published in Ann Diagn Pathol. 2006 Oct;10(5):306-15.

13. Anatomical and functional alterations in semantic dementia: A voxel-based MRI and PET study.
Match Strength: 3.204

Rare studies have used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and voxel-based morphometry (VBM) to assess atrophy, and only two positron emission tomography (PET) studies used SPM to examine functional changes in semantic dementia (SD). Our aim was to highlight both morphological and functional abnormalities in a same group of 10 SD patients, in the entire brain, using a "state of the art" methodology (optimized VBM procedure, PET data corrected for partial volume effects and voxel-based analyses). We also used an extensive neuropsychological battery. We showed that main alterations concerned the ... Read More »
» Published in Neurobiol Aging. 2006 Sep 13;

14. Immunological basis of systemic sclerosis.
Match Strength: 3.196

Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a disease of unknown aetiology characterized by excessive and often progressive fibrosis in skin and multiple internal organs, an aberrant immune activation marked by multiple humoral and cellular immunological abnormalities and pronounced alterations in the microvasculature. The pathogenesis of SSc is complex and, although progress in the understanding of the multiple processes underlying SSc has been made in recent years, no single unifying hypothesis explaining all aspects of this disease exists. Recent studies have suggested that the activation of the immune ... Read More »
» Published in Rheumatology (Oxford). 2006 Oct;45 Suppl 3:iii23-iii25.

15. Scuba diving and pregnancy: can we determine safe limits?
Match Strength: 3.177

No human data, investigating the effects on the fetus of diving, have been published since 1989. We investigated any potential link between diving while pregnant and fetal abnormalities by evaluating field data from retrospective study No.1 (1990/2) and prospective study No.2 (1996/2000). Some 129 women reported 157 pregnancies over 1,465 dives. Latest gestational age reported while diving was 35 weeks. One respondent reported 92 dives during a single pregnancy, with two dives to 65 m in the 1st trimester. In study No.2 >90% of women ceased diving in the 1st trimester, compared with 65% in ... Read More »
» Published in J Obstet Gynaecol. 2006 Aug;26(6):509-13.

16. Findings on brain MRI from research studies of occupational exposure to known neurotoxicants.
Match Strength: 3.117

OBJECTIVE: The expanding use of MRI in large-scale epidemiologic studies of CNS outcomes has led to increasing concern for the consistent handling of incidental findings. Our purpose is to identify the prevalence of incidental neuroradiologic abnormalities in an adult population with past occupational exposure to lead who underwent brain MRI as part of a large, longitudinal cohort study. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Structural MR images obtained for the research study were reviewed by a neuroradiologist on an ongoing basis for findings of clinical concern. The subjects were recruited as part of a ... Read More »
» Published in AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2006 Oct;187(4):1043-7.

17. 'What does it mean?' uncertainty, trust and communication following treatment for pre-cancerous cervical abnormalities.
Match Strength: 3.053

The early detection of pre-cancerous cervical conditions has risen dramatically, prompting more in-depth investigations regarding psychological implications inherent within the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. This study aimed to identify factors that influence women's experience of diagnosis and treatment of cervical abnormalities and factors that facilitate positive adjustment. Using a semi-structured telephone interview, we interviewed 21 women (age 24-54) treated at a colposcopy clinic. Systematic recruitment of women with varying degrees of cervical abnormality (CIN 1-3) and ... Read More »
» Published in Psychooncology. 2006 Sep 20;

18. Direct and indirect evidence for the reversibility of cirrhosis.
Match Strength: 2.983

The aim of this study was to assess the reversibility of cirrhosis after therapy in a large series of patients with cirrhosis from various etiologies. We performed a retrospective study of 113 patients with biopsy-proven cirrhosis who underwent specific therapy and follow-up biopsies. Two pathologists performed blinded analyses of indirect biochemical and morphological signs of cirrhosis. Fourteen (12.4%) of the 113 cirrhotic patients had biopsy-proven disappearance of cirrhosis, defined as a decrease of 2 or greater in their METAVIR fibrosis score: 8 were related to hepatitis C virus, 3 to ... Read More »
» Published in Hum Pathol. 2006 Dec;37(12):1519-26. Epub 2006 Sep 25.

19. Bortezomib therapy response is independent of cytogenetic abnormalities in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.
Match Strength: 2.981

Myeloma patients with unfavorable molecular cytogenetics have a poor prognosis irrespective of treatment with conventional chemotherapy or autologous stem cell transplant. To investigate whether bortezomib, a new proteasome inhibitor, is active in relapsed/refractory myeloma patients with genetic risk factors, we evaluated the outcome of 65 patients and correlated the clinical response with 13q deletion, translocations t(11;14) and t(4;14) and CKS1B amplification as detected by interphase cytoplasmic fluorescence in situ hybridization (cIg-FISH). Thirty-seven of 61 (61%) evaluable patients had ... Read More »
» Published in Leuk Res. 2006 Sep 20;

20. Day-of-injury computerized tomography, rehabilitation status, and development of cerebral atrophy in persons with traumatic brain injury.
Match Strength: 2.904

OBJECTIVE: To compare day-of-injury (DOI) computerized tomography (CT) findings with acute injury severity markers, disability at acute hospital admission and discharge from inpatient rehabilitation, injury severity markers, and degree of postacute cerebral atrophy on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). DESIGN: Retrospective chart review of 240 consecutive traumatic brain injury (TBI) admissions (mean age 31.7 +/- 15.8 yrs) with moderate-to-severe initial brain injury. All DOI CT abnormalities were qualitatively rated. Disability was assessed using the Disability Rating Scale (DRS) and the FIM ... Read More »
» Published in Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2006 Oct;85(10):793-806.

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