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1. Periocular necrotizing fasciitis with visual loss pathogenesis and treatment.
Match Strength: 4.240

OBJECTIVE: To illustrate the role of clinically necessary aggressive subcutaneous debridement with limited excision of necrotic skin in treating necrotizing faciitis, while demonstrating the histopathologic basis of orbital spread and blindness complicating this disorder. DESIGN: Observational retrospective case series. PARTICIPANTS: Seven consecutive patients cared for by the Eye Plastic and Orbital Surgery Services at the University of Michigan and University of Iowa. METHODS: Retrospective review of ocular findings, systemic features, management, outcome, and histopathology of debrided ... Read More »
» Published in Ophthalmology. 2006 Dec;113(12):2338-45. Epub 2006 Sep 25.

2. Tuberculosis and the eye.
Match Strength: 3.705

OBJECTIVES: 1. To refresh knowledge on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, investigations and treatment of ocular tuberculosis; 2. To highlight the ocular complication of tuberculosis. METHOD: Through an internet search and review of current literature on tuberculosis and its ocular complications, the information relevant to the objectives was obtained. CONCLUSIONS: TB can affect any structure in the eye and adnexae. Ocular TB is not easy to diagnose because most times there is no concurrent active systemic tuberculosis. However, once TB is confirmed, treatment is generally the ... Read More »
» Published in Niger J Clin Pract. 2006 Jun;9(1):68-76.

3. Principles and therapeutic implications of angiogenesis, vasculogenesis and arteriogenesis.
Match Strength: 3.230

The vasculature is the first organ to arise during development. Blood vessels run through virtually every organ in the body (except the avascular cornea and the cartilage), assuring metabolic homeostasis by supplying oxygen and nutrients and removing waste products. Not surprisingly therefore, vessels are critical for organ growth in the embryo and for repair of wounded tissue in the adult. Notably, however, an imbalance in angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels) contributes to the pathogenesis of numerous malignant, inflammatory, ischaemic, infectious and immune disorders. During the last ... Read More »
» Published in Handb Exp Pharmacol. 2006;(176 Pt 2):157-212.

4. Nyctalopin is essential for synaptic transmission in the cone dominated zebrafish retina.
Match Strength: 3.162

The first synapse in the vertebrate visual system is the photoreceptor synapse between rod and cone photoreceptors and the second-order bipolar cells. Although mutations in the nyctalopin gene (NYX) in humans lead to congenital stationary night blindness (CSNB1), affecting synaptic transmission between both types of photoreceptors and ON-bipolar cells, the function of nyctalopin in cone-dominant animal models has not been studied. Because the larval zebrafish retina is cone-dominant, we isolated the zebrafish nyx ortholog and raised a polyclonal antibody against the protein. Nyctalopin is ... Read More »
» Published in Eur J Neurosci. 2006 Sep;24(6):1664-74.

5. Prevalence of age-related maculopathy in the adult population in China: the Beijing eye study.
Match Strength: 2.747

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the prevalence of age-related maculopathy (ARM) in adult Chinese living in rural or urban regions of mainland China. DESIGN: Population-based prevalence study. METHODS: The study included 4439 subjects (aged 40 or more years) out of 5324 subjects invited to participate (response rate 83.4%). It was held in rural and urban regions of Greater Beijing. The participants underwent a detailed ophthalmic examination including fundus photography. All fundus photographs were graded by the Wisconsin Age-Related Maculopathy Grading System. RESULTS: Fundus photographs were available ... Read More »
» Published in Am J Ophthalmol. 2006 Nov;142(5):788-93. Epub 2006 Sep 20.

6. Activated human T lymphocytes express cyclooxygenase-2 and produce proadipogenic prostaglandins that drive human orbital fibroblast differentiation to adipocytes.
Match Strength: 2.667

The differentiation of preadipocyte fibroblasts to adipocytes is a crucial process to many disease states including obesity, cardiovascular, and autoimmune diseases. In Graves' disease, the orbit of the eye can become severely inflamed and infiltrated with T lymphocytes as part of the autoimmune process. The orbital fibroblasts convert to fat-like cells causing the eye to protrude, which is disfiguring and can lead to blindness. Recently, the transcription factor peroxisome proliferator activated receptor (PPAR)-gamma and its natural (15d-PGJ2) and synthetic (thiazolidinedione-type) PPAR-gamma ... Read More »
» Published in Am J Pathol. 2006 Oct;169(4):1183-93.

7. Costs and utilization of end-stage glaucoma patients receiving visual rehabilitation care: a US multisite retrospective study.
Match Strength: 2.512

PURPOSE: Glaucoma is a prevalent ophthalmologic disease and leading cause of blindness. A retrospective analysis was conducted to evaluate resources and costs for end-stage glaucoma patients receiving visual rehabilitation care (VRC). MATERIALS AND METHODS: A chart review was conducted in 3 United States VRC centers. Charts of patients with primary open-angle glaucoma as the primary cause of vision loss (1998 to 2003) were selected, yielding 81 records. Data were collected from patient-level billing and reimbursement records (ophthalmologist/optometrist visits, glaucoma medications, procedures ... Read More »
» Published in J Glaucoma. 2006 Oct;15(5):419-25.

8. Intravitreal steroids may facilitate treatment of Eales' disease (idiopathic retinal vasculitis): an interventional case series.
Match Strength: 2.510

PurposeEales' disease is an idiopathic peripheral perivasculitis leading to proliferative vascular retinopathy, recurrent vitreous haemorrhages, and tractional retinal detachment. It is an elusive cause of blindness in young, otherwise healthy individuals. We studied the effects of intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide (IVTA) in patients of Eales' disease, which may eventually reduce the side effects and cost of management, with results equivalent to or better than oral steroids.MethodsEthics approval and prior patient consent were obtained. Fluorescein fundus angiograms (FFAs) of 12 eyes of 12 ... Read More »
» Published in Eye. 2006 Sep 15;

9. In vivo models of angiogenesis.
Match Strength: 2.160

The process of building new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and controlling the propagation of blood vessels (anti-angiogenesis) are fundamental to human health, as they play key roles in wound healing and tissue growth. More than 500 million people may stand to benefit from anti- or pro-angiogenic treatments in the coming decades [National Cancer Institute (USA), Cancer Bulletin, volume 3, no. 9, 2006]. The use of animal models to assay angiogenesis is crucial to the search for therapeutic agents that inhibit angiogenesis in the clinical setting. Examples of persons that would benefit from these ... Read More »
» Published in J Cell Mol Med. 2006 Jul-Sep;10(3):588-612.

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