3 Benefits of telehealth services during the pandemic

Most countries, particularly the Philippines, can only access healthcare services by visiting the nearest hospital or clinic. This often means waiting in long lines and scheduling appointments. Then came the Covid-19 pandemic. The restriction on person-to-person contact has significantly impacted how healthcare services are delivered. Telehealth services are used to continue providing healthcare services during the pandemic.

Telehealth is a form of long-distance healthcare that uses telecommunications devices and technology to offer services like virtual visits and consultations. Numerous websites and apps allow people to access specific healthcare services and lists of doctors. This makes telehealth accessible for all. Online consultations with doctors are now easier and more risk-free. For more information, here are three benefits of telehealth services during the pandemic.

Helps patients with reduced mobility

Public transportation is now more complex than ever, especially for those with limited mobility. Telehealth is a great way to avoid the hassle of driving or commuting to the doctor. Online consultations or video calls can schedule routine appointments and minor checkups.

Quicker and more timely care

Healthcare professionals face a common problem: getting patients to the right providers as soon as possible, which is important in times of pandemic. To find the right provider, patients may need to make unnecessary visits to urgent care clinics, primary care physicians, and emergency rooms. Telehealth, specifically on-demand video consultations or visits, allows doctors and patients to see the right provider directly, rather than going through multiple places.

Offers a variety of telehealth services

Many apps that offer telehealth services have a large selection of specialists and doctors depending on your needs and whereabouts. It will make it easy to find a doctor or specialist. You can access Covid-19 consultations and more specific services such as heart and cardiovascular disease, ENT, and acquiring and viewing EMR Philippines. These services can be easily accessed via online apps, where consultations and bookings are possible.


Restrictions are put in efectivity to reduce the number of people who contract the virus. This affected all aspects of healthcare, even in the Philippines. Telehealth has been one of the most helpful services since the pandemic outbreak. It can also be used to conduct Covid-19 consultations online and for visits. Apps such as Serious MD make it possible to access a variety of specialists and doctors depending on your needs and whereabouts.

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