The Dangers of Eating Overcooked Food

Overcooking food is a way to cause metabolic overload and upset body chemistry. All foods are made up of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen in various chemical configurations. Our enzymes have evolved since the days of the caveman to digest foods in certain configurations. But when food is cooked at a high temperature, it passes […]

Why Should You Switch To Raw Dog Food

Pet owners have been desperately seeking for the best way to feed their dogs the healthiest possible food they can get. Being much more paranoid due to the wide recall of dog food products in 2007 by big pet food brands in the market these owners started jumping from one canine diet option to another. […]

The Most Effective Diets

Our mind is already over-saturated with miraculous weight loss and recipes, especially the multitude of existing information on these issues in women’s magazines and the Internet. The question that remains on your lips is “How do I lose weight?”. 1. Nutrition based on blood groups Why we consider it the best diet? Because the diet […]

Diet Pills Reviews – OTC Diet Pills That Work

These days there seems to be a lot more pressure on us to lose weight and eat healthy. Many of us even dream of being able to hit the beach and show off a new bod. Everywhere we look there are beautiful people in sexy magazines, if we could only look like them we think. […]

Essential Fitness Accessories You Should Invest In

Health and fitness is the most important prerogative in a person’s life today. Daily exercise is a must like breathing is and today you can choose to work out from home or hire the best personal trainer to help you with your workouts. There are numerous exercises and workout routines like aerobics, yoga and with […]

Fitness – Time To Rest

If you are a fitness buff or you are just considering making a New Year’s resolution, then you are interested in results, progress, and success with your fitness goals. Part and parcel of doing so is having the forethought to plan for your recovery. That means a regular eight hours of sleep a night. It […]

Infant Dental Care

How many teeth does a child have? Count them… 8? 16? 20? Would you believe 52? This sounds amazing, but it’s true. By birth all 20 of the baby (primary) teeth and several of the adult (permanent) teeth are forming. By age 3, almost all of the 32 permanent teeth are well on their way. […]

Dental Surgery For Better Oral Health

We brush our teeth properly, floss regularly and always have a handy mouthwash, just in case. But sometimes dental problems still find its way to bother us and our way of life. Fortunately, there are dental surgery procedures to remedy these problems. Perhaps the most common disease is tooth decay, but unfortunately, it is also […]

Fitness For Beauty

By becoming physically fit, it can make you look lean and healthy both inside and out. There is a lot you can do such as walking or jogging, playing basketball or any other sport with your friends but if you really want build tone and look lean, at some point you need to consider the […]

Top 11 Beauty Tips and Secrets For a Better Lifestyle

The vanity to look beautiful and attractive is something that any women is constantly looking for, there are thousands of products like creams, exercise machines, treatments, tricks, hair styles, massages, plastic surgery, laser treatments, herbal remedies that are meant to improve the look and feel of a women. But this has created a lot of […]